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3 Ways To Hide Files and Folders in Windows

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3 Ways To Hide Files and Folders in Windows
  • Use the default hide option.
  • Use third-party software.
  • Use CMD to hide files completely.

Do you have a mysterious nature and this likewise occurs with your processing information and substantially more with these sorts of things? Everybody needs their files to be sheltered and avoided other people who need to follow theirs. So, here are the best three different ways to hide files and by concealing your significant files and envelopes effectively inside certain seconds with the information on programming.

We should examine the ways for hiding files like an ace with a fast progression.

#1 Normal Folder Option

Windows gives some organizer choices in which we can hide our files and envelopes and this is the most well-known strategy we use until.
  • Open My Computer from the Desktop.
  • Now there is an organize option in the upper left side of the screen, go to Folder and search option. 
  • Here you will discover a view tab and choices for concealing your files.
  • You can just hide your files by right tapping on them, properties, and select Hidden.
It is the fundamental and the least difficult technique till we utilized however has some issue with that, by again choosing the alternative of showing concealed files from the envelope choice we have talked about over, the files will get powerless against the stalkers.

#2 Using Third-Party Tool

Now the subsequent technique stops by utilizing any outsider device for concealing your mystery files on windows or on any working system. You can go to google and quest for the instruments which can carry out the responsibility for you in like manner envelope hide and free hide organizer. Simply google that and you’ll discover a greater amount of them and some are helpful.

#3 Using CMD – Complete Hide

Command Prompt is one of the first and amazing assets for Windows which can do different such things you can’t consider that. It isn’t a lot of incredible as Unix or Linux yet serves best for windows fellow, so here is the manner in which you can hide your files totally, as we have said in the main strategy, the issue with the organizer choice.
So here the arrangement of that technique, hide totally.
  • Open Command Prompt from the Start menu.
  • Now go to the area of your record you wanna hide or essentially give the area in  Command Prompt running the command cd. ( You can likewise utilize move to open the cmd at any area)
  • Type this command: attrib +h +s +r “and the file name”.
  • Now, if even the show hidden folders in the organize option is enabled, your files will be covered up.
  • On the off chance that you need to recover your record, type: attrib – h – s – r “and the file name”.
NOTE: Open cmd as “run as administrator” consistently in light of the fact that a few orders not work.
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