241543903: What is this Google Image Search?

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241543903 What is this Google Image Search

Search for 241543903 in Google image search and you may be stunned to envision solely pictures of individuals with their heads within the deep freezer. Try it here.

The results square measure each crazy and funny, moreover, they’re not five or ten however many such similar pictures occupying many results page.

What is 241543903?

The construct behind such outlandishness is de facto straightforward. Click photos with head within the deep freezer and transfer them on the internet/Flickr with tag or name as 241543903.

Once Google indexes these pictures with the same tag, it starts recognizing 241543903 as a selected word and not some random variety.

This can be a classic example of a community modifying image search results.

Who did this?

According to Reddit, this crazy plan is purportedly the inspiration of David Horvitz originated on seventh April 2009. He started this project and requested others to transfer such pictures with 241543903 as his name. He conjointly announces the primary image with such a particular name on Flickr.

After this, a lot of people followed the same and this meme was so popular. Everyone was clicking a picture putting their heads in the freezer and posting on social media.

What does this mean?

The variety 241543903 was taken from the serial number of Horvitz’s refrigerator and barcodes from Udon noodles and Edamame. Thus it’s a bit like another random variety however since currently there square measure many pictures with this name, it currently incorporates a special position on the Internet.

This concept is additionally normally referred to as 241543903-meme or Head-in-a-Freezer-Meme and is quickly catching abreast of Google.

More memes like this?

Mookdfjlal is another acculturation that’s quickly spreading amongst Flickr users. this idea urges individuals to hide their heads with a pillow and transfer the shot on Flickr with Mookdfjlal as a tag.


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