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How To Block Websites Editing Hosts File (and Extensions)

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How To Block Websites Editing Hosts File
  • Edit hosts file on Windows, Mac.
  • Using ES File Explorer.
  • Browser extensions.

Irritating websites come to you when surfing the web and you should agitate about that. In this tutorial, I am going to give you how you can block websites on your Android devices and computers(PC).

Here, I am going to outline for you, host file(and how to alter it), and a few augmentations for the same.

There may be a few applications accessible out there yet nobody faces challenges installing them. Due to the explanation of the spam stuffed into them.

You may be on the distinctive operating systems and battling similar issues. Also, why not?

The irritating advertisements come in the middle of lessening the user’s insight. Here’s the full guide on this point.

What is Hosts File?

The host records are just an operating system plain content document that maps hostnames and IP Addresses.

It is utilized to automate devices for the purpose of systems administration. At whatever point you attempt to visit or visit a site, it first brings data from has record and afterward proceeds.

Now, blocking works a similar way, if the hostnames are discovered, that page will be gotten to from that IP.

Something else, DNS is answerable for discovering them. Initially, the record name is HOSTS.TXT which contains all the data with respect to the IPs and hostnames.

These can be found in each device like Android, Windows, and so on What’s more, utilizing these no one but we can block any site utilizing them.

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What are Extensions?

Extensions might be characterized as a part that draws out or added to something to develop anything.

The expansions additionally accomplish a similar work. Practically all programs come the capacity to add expansions as per the user’s needs.

Much the same as, numerous expansions are accessible to block any site in your programs.

Furthermore, we going to perceive how to use them in our tutorial.

Block Websites In Windows(PC)

Now you what to do? Yet, how to do it, you don’t have the foggiest idea.

We should figure out how to alter the hosts’ documents in Windows. It is much the same as altering a book record, the manner in which we do it regularly.

Follow this step-by-step guide:

  • Navigate to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Or simply open Run from the start menu(win+R) and type in the same.
    open in run(PC)
  • Now it will ask you to select an application to open it, select notepad.
  • The Hosts File is opened successfully. Here you want to make some changes and save it.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and at the end, just add few lines like:

edit hosts file(PC)

And all the websites you want to block on your computer (Windows).

Here is the localhost which is the standard hostname given to your device.

Save it. The websites will be blocked and you now cannot access them.

Block Websites In Android(Root)

To do the same in Android, you need a rooted device.

When you have superuser authorizations, you are prepared to fire.

Right off the bat, install ES File Explorer.

You need root access since you need to investigate the root catalog of the Android phone.

You can use whatever other pioneers offer root explorer or default application.

  • Now, launch the explorer and enable Root Explorer from the left hidden menu. Navigate to /system/etc/ folder.
  • Here you will find the host file, open it using the ES Note Editor.
    host file in Android

Do the same thing here also, what you did above. Add the above lines of code (

add URLs to block websites on Andrroid

Save it. Try to browse the website you just blocked, you will not be able to access it.

For Browsers(Blocking Websites In Chrome, Mozilla, etc)

There are several extensions, the one I am going to use is BlockSite.

To include this extension, head towards the Google application store or Mozilla application store by just looking on Google.

Once in the store, look for Block Site and install(add) the first module with higher evaluations.

The connection is given above, you can go straightforwardly for Chrome users.

  • From the correct upper-right corner, click the extension, and once you on the site to block. Tap Block Site.
    block site extension

It’s totally done.

So this way you can without much of a stretch block websites by altering the host’s record and utilizing extensions.

This may likewise get you freed of irritating advertisements that continued coming in front. Expectation you like the tutorial, stay tuned for additional.

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