Duplicate Files Fixer- Increase Storage Capacity of Your Device

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Duplicate Files Fixer

Regardless of whether you have the best equipment on your gadget then it will react moderately in the event that you are coming up short on memory (due to duplicate files). We can say the stockpiling limit assumes a significant part in the exhibition of your gadget. Be that as it may, the inquiry is by what method should you make more space on your gadget. You are putting away all the stuff which is significant for you and you are in the circumstance where you can’t choose what you ought to erase.

There is an application that can help you in this situation. By using this application, you will not lose your important data and it will make more space on your device too. It finds duplicate files on your device and clears them quickly which helps you to retrieve the memory.

Duplicate Files Fixer

Let us find out how this amazing application works.

Launch screen

When you installed this application on your device you will be on the home screen. Now you have to choose the scan type to discover duplicate files. You can decide to examine any record type or a folder. Additionally, you can pick a full sweep choice. Tap the “Scan Now” button in the wake of picking an alternative it will start the process. You can stop the sweep anytime.

launch screen 1 - duplicate files fixerlaunch screen 2 - duplicate files fixer

Results page

The scan results will be before you, an auto-stamped design in gatherings, and the last record (s) of the gathering is set apart for deletion. You can pick the “Mark All except last” option to mark the first files to be erased.

Additionally “Unmark All” files to physically choose files for cancellation. You can take a backup of your files before erasing them from the application itself. In the event that you tap on “Backup Now“, you will be diverted to directly back up which is another tool to take a backup of your information and to protect it.

Now tap on Delete to delete the duplicates.

result page - duplicate files fixer

Excluding File at the shortest Location from deletion

The thought behind giving this choice in the application is that duplicate unique files are put on the root of devices and duplicates are somewhere inside. Along these lines, on the off chance that you select this choice, the files at the root of your phone will be barred and which are somewhere inside are set apart for the erasure. You can get to this element by squeezing the menu (three vertical spots) situated in the top right.

excluding files - duplicate files fixer

Settings Menu

A normal Settings menu causes you to make the application tweaked according to your decision. The application is profoundly adaptable. You will discover the following alternatives in the settings menu.

Ignore list

In the event that you need a portion of your envelopes to avoid the sweep. You can place all such organizers in the “Ignore list” to get them far from the scanning process.

Scan Filters

You can channel your output results. The application offers filters like the same name, same size, and the same content. You can likewise incorporate covered up or 0-bite files and folders in the scanning process. Of course, the application looks for duplicates of the same content. These filters will assist you in discovering more precise outcomes from the application.

scan filters - excluding files

Language Settings and Themes

The Application underpins practically all the popular languages of the world You can change the default language by tapping on Settings>Languages.

Aside from this application likewise permits you to look over two different themes.


This is the means by which by clearing duplicate files you can make more space on your device. Now you don’t have to burn through cash on purchasing additional memory and your information is likewise sheltered.

Duplicate Files Fixer Overview

Duplicate Files Fixer is a basic and easy-to-use application available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. You can get rid of duplicate files from your device which are eating storage space.





  • +Easy-to-use.
  • +Freely available.


  • -Ads (in the free version).
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