Top 10 Best Endless Runner Games for Android

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Endless Runner Games Android

On gaming genre that’s gained a lot of popularity in mobile gaming is the endless runner. The games never end – you are able to continuously run the game until an obstacle of sorts ends your run and you try again. There is no level to beat but you are just competing against your own high score – and perhaps those of others. It’s rather addictive and definitely challenging!

So, if you’d like to add a new endless runner game to your Android phone, these are the top games to keep in mind. Don’t forget to check OZCodes for Android device deals if you are looking for a new phone or tablet for conquering these games.

Into the Dead

Into the Dead is played in a first-person perspective and your objective is to survive a horde of zombies. You’ll get a selection of different weapons to fight against the zombies. There are other perks to collect during your run too. The leaderboards make it easy to compete with your friends. Into the Dead is free to play with in-game purchases.

Mars: Mars

For something different, Mars: Mars is the perfect game to test. The goal is not to run along a specific track but to just jump from one platform to another. If you miss a platform, you will begin a deconstruction, which will end up your run quickly. It’s super addictive and the best part is that it is free with no in-app purchases. You’ll only have to deal with some ads.

Subway Surfers

Another classic endless runner game to download from Google Play is Subway Surfers. You are chased down in the game and you must keep moving forward while dodging obstacles and collecting power-ups. You can also perform aerobatic tricks, which will allow you to score more points. It’s a free game with in-app purchases for those that like them.

Alto’s Adventure

You might have heard of Alto’s Adventure, as the game got popular quickly after release. The objective is to ski down a mountainside, side-scrolling your phone on the way. You will need to collect different items and perform tricks to improve your high score. It has a five-finger controlling system, which is rather simple to learn and play with. The free game comes with in-app purchases.


If you like games with stunning graphics, then you must check out Alone. The game looks absolutely beautiful and it has a lovely, unique feel to it. Each time you restart the game, the level will look slightly different which makes the experience more fun. The game has rather challenging controls but it can make the game more fun. This is not a free game but you have to pay a one-off payment to enjoy it. This, however, is definitely worth it.

Smash Hit

Smash Hit is a fun endless runner that’s a little different in terms of its look. In the game, you must keep throwing balls and panes of glass to keep moving forward. It looks fun and it’s definitely a challenging game to play with friends. Smash Hit has a free version but you could also just pay a one-off fee and enjoy a few extra perks.

Zombie Highway 2

For zombie fans, Zombie Highway 2 is another game to try. You will be driving a car down an endless road while shooting zombies. You need to avoid hitting objects – unless they are zombies – and collect different things to boost your experience. Zombie Highway 2 is a fun game, which is free to play with the usual in-game purchase options.

UPDATE: This game is no longer in production, you can download this alternative instead. Crossy Road.

Jetpack Joyride

If you’ve played Fruit Ninja, you might enjoy Jetpack Joyride. The developer is the same and the fun-level is similar. The side-scrolling endless runner game will see you play as a dude with a jetpack. Your task is to avoid obstacles and collect different upgrades and coins. There are also fun achievements that’ll help you keep busy. Like most modern mobile games, Jetpack Joyride is free with in-app purchases.

Sonic Dash 2

If you are a fan of the Sonic gaming series, you might like Sonic Dash 2 – there’s also Sonic Dash 1 that’s worth trying. The endless runner game will allow you to switch between popular characters as you try to keep running for as long as possible. There’s a lot of variation in the characters, which makes this a fun game to play. The game is free to play with in-app purchases available for those that want to boost their experience.

Nonstop Chuck Norris

Finally, you could opt for Nonstop Chuck Norris. This endless runner will have you play as Chuck Norris taking down bad guys. You have to keep going as long as you can, collecting upgrades and equipment to keep moving longer. The game has a solid leaderboard that you can try conquering. The app is free to play and you are offered in-app purchases to help.

UPDATE: This game is no longer in production, you can download this alternative instead. Temple Run 2.

If you are looking for a good endless runner, the above games are definitely worth checking out for Android. Each offers the familiar feel of a runner but with something different on offer.

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