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How to Send Full Resolution Images on WhatsApp

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Send Full Resolution Images on WhastApp

Pictures are consistently an extraordinary method to communicate your musings and feelings simply like emoticons. Yet, regards to sharing pictures assume a critical function in showing our associations. At whatever point we have an occasion to show ourselves, we generally show it off utilizing the photographs, pictures we clicked, or have. Also, a similar way we share pictures over the web, and one of them is WhatsApp.

Send Full Resolution Images on WhatsApp

Have you focused when you send any pic or picture on WhatsApp, it gets packed by WhatsApp? All things considered, by and large not, and mine as well.

What I’ll show you in this post:

  • Why WhatsApp compress images?
  • And how to send these images without compression?

Why WhatsApp Compress Image?

When you realize that your pictures get packed and the picture goal is terrible when contrasted with the first picture.

The response to the fact why WhatsApp lower the quality of out sent pictures and photographs.

It’s because of the speed.

Yes, speed (transfer speed).

Whenever you have sent your photos or pictures, the process is extremely quick and had arrived at the recipient.

WhatsApp compresses out sent pictures on the grounds that to guarantee the pictures are sent fastly and don’t set aside some effort to measure. What’s more, the main explanation for pressure and low quality.

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How to Send Full Resolution Images?

Knowing the purpose of the compression of pictures. Be that as it may, after this, you can send the full goal pictures without losing its quality. You know this and utilize these steps yet don’t know about it.:)

Follow this step-by-step guide to send:

  • Open WhatsApp and tap on the chat of the person you want to send a photo.
  • Now tap on the attachment option.
  • Generally, we select the gallery option, instead select the document option.

send options

  • Here, select the image you want to send selecting “Browse other docs…
  • It will show you where you want to browse your document (in our case, photos).

document chosing option

  • Select the gallery or images app and tap on the Send.
  • Now, it will be sent as a document and will be in full resolution without losing any quality.

whatsapp image sent

So, that is all for the guide you require to follow and after this, you’ll have the option to send any kind of images to anybody.

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