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ThePirateBay Torrent Site

Well, there is a known fact that Torrent Site is illegal and banned in almost all countries. But talking to the advantage we get from these torrent sites is the Premium Contents for free.

They all have some consequences and remember my saying “Nothing Is Free“.

But to get things as soon as they get into the market is our habit which we cannot change. So, we find methods to get these things and finally reach to torrent sites.

Again, using torrents is illegal and totally banned in some places. With the shutdown of the largest player of torrents, i.e., KickAssTorrent and Torrentz, it becomes more flashy and the scene disappeared. There are large lists of torrents online and downloaders mostly use pirate torrents by searching torrents sites.

There may exist some best torrent sites like YTS(for movies), ExtraTorrents, RARBG, Gamer-Torrent(for Games), etc. These are all the best torrent sites and ranked(rank) on the top you can get the torrent list.

So, unlike these sites, the one which I like and use is?

Wait a minute…

Before going through torrent and all this stuff, let me tell you some important things about torrent sites.

Dangers Of Torrent

Officially, a torrent file contains metadata about any media file like audio, video(movies), etc. Using torrent, increases the risk of Malware Risks, and nobody using Android and Windows will not like it at all.

Torrent is a P2P(Peer-to-Peer) network, the speed depends upon the seeders(who upload the files) and leechers(who download the files).

There will be the risk of data security when online surfing the web, opening a torrent site, which may attack your personal data. In the P2P network, you share your files with others, and opening your personal resource may be harmful to you. So, keeping your data vulnerable to these sites is actually a danger.

And the most dangerous one that can affect you the fastest is the Legal Troubles associated with the site torrent. A large portion available on torrent sites may contain legal information and copyright issues. For example, a game developed by Rockstar Games is GTA: San Andreas and the version is an in-app purchase. But you go to the torrent and download it for free and now using it on your device may send them information about the usage.

For example, a game developed by Rockstar Games is GTA: San Andreas and the version is an in-app purchase. But you go to the torrent and download it for free and now using it on your device may send them information about the usage. And guess what? It gives you real trouble for using it without any license. And because they may be pirated.

Now, not going into deep, let me tell you about the site.

It’s The Pirate Bay.

NOTE: This tutorial is just for educational purpose only, we do not promote any privacy or illegal content. This is a not to Webmaster also. The purpose is only to give ideas to tech and how to get through situations.

Features Of Torrent Site – The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay Torrent Site

All others are niche-enabled (either games or movies) but unlike all, PirateBay is not like them. If you are in need of Games, Music, Movies, Apps, or anything like that, you’ll get it free here.


Yes, the best thing about this site is that you don’t need to visit another site if once visited here. And the best part is you will get anything updated with the latest version of either game, app, or the latest movie.

Browse Pirate Bay

The browsing feature is beyond the normal one and you’ll find almost everything you want. If it’s a movie or the latest music album, don’t worry pirate bay is here.

Enter any query or any media you want and hit search to get searches. For example, Witcher and you’ll get the results and the latest ones. You can anytime download it using Torrent App or Software, as per your choice.

Search - torrent site
Search Results of torrent site

Top 100 In Pirate Bay

One of the best-functioning features I like about it is the Top 100 category-wise searching. Hit the top 100 option from the menu bar and see the options available.

PirateBay torrent site Top 100

And the best part is that it gets updated at the time, not unlike the other sites. This site doesn’t get down and there are many developers who upload resources at regular times.

Now, you have categories in front of you, browse any one of them. The time of the update is also shown in brackets(). And you get the latest here.

For example, I click on Games. Here you’ll get all types of games independent of platforms(available for all platforms).

ThePirateBay Torrent Site Top Games

Recent Torrents

This is not new to tell you in-depth. Just tap the Recent Torrents search and get what are the torrents which are uploaded just now or the latest. It may be videos, ebooks, games, or maybe porn.

ThePirateBay Torrent Site Recent torrents

The seeders and leechers may not be so good because it gets online just now. So you must wait for the file to get covered and you’ll be able to download it more easily.

TV Shows & Music

If you are a TV Shows lover, you’ll get all seasons with every episode here in HD quality. It can be “13 Reasons Why”, “Breaking Bad”, or “Supernatural”.

ThePirateBay Torrent Site TV Shows

If there’s any episode available, you can get it here. The interface is also simple and you’ll get to know it when you use it. The name and episodes are available can be seen from there only and are one of the best torrent sites.

The Music option, again category wise and you will get A to Z alphabets to choose among the music you want. Go to the category, choose the type of music you love to listen to and download it.

ThePirateBay Torrent Site Music

NOTE: To avoid the ban or any malicious risks, use VPNs to make sure you are safe.

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