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What are Snapchat Streaks and How to Maintain It?

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What are Snapchat Streaks and How to Maintain It?

From GenZ to Millennials, every individual today has an addiction to sending Snapchat across the globe. Long time users of the app are known to boast over something called Snapchat streaks which they keep going for a long run. It displays their allegiance and is a fun activity to keep engaging with friends on the app. 

Interestingly, creating and maintaining Snapchat streaks requires time and dedication from users, thereby giving them the satisfaction of seeing it thrive after days of consistent sharing. If you also want to learn how to create and maintain Snapchat streaks, then, keep reading.

What are Snapchat Streaks?

Snapchat streak is a feature that signifies consistency on the platform and the extent of their commitment to their fellow friends on the app. 

To elaborate, Snapchat streaks indicate how many days in a row two friends or users have sent Snaps to one another. The longer their snap streak, the closer they are in relation. 

When the two users share a snap consecutively for three days, their snap streak is created. 

As the streak generates, it is identified by a fire emoji, and once the days in the streak start increasing, so does the number next to it. For people, this number holds the weight of their friendship value. The higher the count, the better. Many users also have Snapchat streaks that last for years. However, some regulations go behind maintaining a long Snapchat streak, which takes ample devotion from both ends. 

How to Maintain Snapchat Streaks?

Maintaining Snapchat streaks is more difficult than sending a Snapchat now and then. Here are some rules to follow that help you hold the streaks longer.

As we mentioned, the first indication of a new streak is the appearance of a fire emoji next to your friend’s name. This emoji entails that you two have shared Snapchats once every 24 hours, for at least three days in a row. 

The number that shows up next to the fire emoji gives the day count i.e., how many days their Snapchat streaks have lasted or how many days the users have consistently sent each other a snap. Subsequently, to maintain their Snapchat streaks and increase their day tally, users are required to keep sharing Snaps at least once a day.

Note that simply sending one another a message on the app will not be enough to maintain the streak. Only a video or a photo will help increase your Snapstreak tally. 

Rules to Maintain Snapchat Streaks

Users a 24-hour deadline to open and send a Snapchat to keep the streak going. The timeline does not start from midnight, instead, it lasts 24 hours from the time the snap of the day is send. 

For instance, if your friend sends you a Snapchat at 11 am, you will have till 11 am the next day to open the snap and send him another one to maintain your Snapchat streak. 

Additionally, Snapchat sends a warning when you are on the verge of losing your streak with someone, in which a little hourglass emoji appears next to the friend’s name. This delivers a much-needed reminder that helps you maintain the streak by sending a Snapchat before the window closes. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that when you send a snap on a group, remember that it won’t count towards maintaining your Snapchat streaks with every individual in the group. To do so, it is mandatory to send each other a snap privately back and forth. 

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So these were the basic rules by which you can create Snapchat streaks with your friends and maintain them for as long as you like. However, if you still lose your streak on the app despite following all the rules, you can always file a complaint to get it back. 

For this very purpose, Snapchat has an option on its support website. On which you can find the page “I lost my Snapstreak. How do I restore it?”, and fill the form. 

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