Use Your Smartphone As A Mic For Your PC (2 Ways)

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Use Smartphone as a Mic
  • Use third-party software.
  • Use an aux cable.
While you may not have a microphone for your PC, chances are that you have a smartphone. There’s the answer for your concern: you can utilize your Android gadget or smartphone as a mic (microphone) for your PC/laptop and it’s amazingly easy to set up.

Smartphone As A Mic

Method I

There’s a great site called Wireless Orange that has all that you need so as to get moving. The program is called Wo Mic. It requires a Windows program, a driver and an Android app to be installed, however, these are all light downloads and won’t expend a lot of space.

There is an exceptional variant of the app available, which offers better audio quality, however, for general purposes, the free one will do fine and dandy.

  • Simply go to the Wireless Orange website and download both the drivers and programs from that webpage.
Smartphone as a Mic Software
  • Presently after installing the drivers and the program simply run the program from your PC/laptop.
  • Now, install Wo Mic for Android from the play store on your gadget and run it from that point.

The app upholds association from your smartphone to your PC utilizing Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB. For the best association, choose the wired USB decision. On the off chance that that’s unrealistic, at that point go for WiFi, at that point Bluetooth as the last retreat. You can adjust your association type by going to Settings within the smartphone app.
  • Now, press Start on the app. At that point, on the Windows program, go to Connection > Connect…, select your association type, at that point hit OK. That’s it! You’re all set.
You shouldn’t run into any issues, yet in the event that you can’t get the microphone to get audio, at that point do a framework search for manage audio devices and select the outcome. At that point select the Recording tab, click the associated gadget, and then Set Default.

Method II

What you need is only an AUX Cable and your smartphone with your PC/laptop ready formic jack upheld.

Presently put one side of the cable to your smartphone and the other to your PC/laptop mic jack port. Presently install an app called Microphone, available on play store, presently simply click the microphone symbol, it will turn red, it means it had started.

Here, head to properties of your sound in your PC/laptop by right-tapping on the speaker symbol in the framework tray and head to recording gadgets


Simply enable it by right tapping on the FrontMic alternative.

Alternate Method

There is also an alternate strategy for this. You can utilize your earbuds instead. Simply plug it in your PC/laptop mic port and do the same settings by heading off to the account gadgets.
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