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How to Create Logo Online – DesignEvo Review

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Create Logo Online: One of the initial steps you need when you are rebranding, starting another business, or making another site/blog is to create a logo that can distinguish and pass on what you are and what you do without any problem.

A very much planned logo can help describe and characterize the visual personality of your organization, item, or administration.

For the most part, the making of a logo is done through organizations or experts who had practical experience in the subject. In any case, for the individuals who try to spare or don’t have a financial plan accessible for a logo, the arrangement is to search with the expectation of complimentary other options, for example, DesignEvo which is best to create logo online.

What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a free web service that permits everybody to create a logo in minutes. We as a whole know it very well that in the event that we go to an expert architect, charges will be certainly high and it will require some investment to finish the task. Building logos with DesignEvo reduces down the expense as well as gives a quality.

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How to Create Logo Online using DesignEvo?

Here are a few steps that you should follow to create a free logo.

  1. Go to DesignEvo and tap on the button – Make a Free Logo accessible in the top middle of the site.
  2. In the wake of entering the application, look over 5,000+ formats listed on the page. You can choose a class or legitimately search with catchphrases to locate the fitting logos.
  3. Enter your logo name/slogan and click on “Get Started”(Optional).
  4. Add or delete elements on the canvas.
  5. Adjust color, font, style, and so on.
  6. Hit “Preview” and then download your logo for free.


How to Create Logo Online - DesignEvo Review 2

The way toward making another logo through DesignEvo couldn’t have been easier.  Its convenience and straightforwardness permit even a beginner to create an expert looking logo with a couple of mouse clicks.


How to Create Logo Online - DesignEvo Review 3

The Pros of DesignEvo

  1. It has a great many perfectly designed templates, so users will get a ton of thoughts to create their logos.
  2. It covers different classes including innovation, design, food, occasion, deal, and travel.
  3. Allows creating company logos, app logos, business logos, website logos, and social media logos, etc.
  4. It supports PDF and SVG downloads, which is good for printing and using online.
  5. It has a mobile app available.

The Cons of DesignEvo

  1. It does not support uploading photos from a local computer.
  2. It does not provide online printing.

Final Words

DesignEvo is free and simple to use, so you can invest as much energy as you need to create an ideal logo. There are so various mixes that you can test. It just takes your inventiveness and creative mind!

DesignEvo Overview

DesignEvo is a free web service that allows everybody to create a logo in minutes without having to have design skills. With thousands of already prepared templates, it becomes even easier!







  • +Thousands of prepared design templates.
  • +Many different categories like Technology, Travel, etc.
  • +Supports PDF and SVG downloads.
  • +A mobile app is available.


  • -Uploading photos from the local computer not supported.
  • -Online printing not supported.
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