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How to Create Telegram Stickers

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How to make telegram stickers easily

Making your own Telegram stickers is a great way to have fun. Telegram and WhatsApp stickers are super fun to use. Telegram stickers are fun mainly because they can be personalized and made to suit your needs.

Wondering how to create telegram stickers? Well, today we shall learn how to create creative stickers for telegram!

Stickers in Telegram are a whole new world. This world in which people can have gossip, conversations, send memes, or motivational posts.

How to Create Telegram Stickers from the Scratch?

Craft your Sticker

People mistake art as a hard form of expression. You don’t need to have formal training in arts and crafts, your inner ability is enough to bring out wonders. You can design your telegram sticker using any image editor.

One of the most commonly used editors is adobe photoshop. You can either use adobe photoshop or similar apps to design your sticker.

design your telegram stickers

Requirements to make your telegram stickers

  • The Stickers you create should be in PNG image format. The background of the image should have a transparent background.
  • The size of the image should be 512×512 pixels.
  • Every sticker in the editor must be a different image file.
  • Since the process of crafting and uploading these images is difficult on a mobile device, we highly recommend you to use telegram on windows or mac.
  • You must ensure that your sticker does not include any copyrighted material. It is crucial to know that using well-known movie quotes in your stickers can lead to copyright infringement. It would be taken as plagiarism and would have a possibility of being removed from Telegram if the copyright owner raises an issue.

The average Telegram sticker pack consists of 10 to 20 stickers, however, you’re not restrained in how many you want to upload. Some packs have over 100 stickers, and you can keep coming again and including new ones even after you publish.

Locate the Telegram Stickers Bot

Once you have made your Telegram stickers, you need to locate the Telegram sticky label bot. Click here to do so or open Telegram and type “stickers” into the search box.

Stickers bot in telegram

Further, you will be able to see the following list of commands provided by the telegram sticker bot

-/newpack to create a new Telegram sticky label pack.

-/addsticker to add a sticker to a present pack.

-/delsticker to dispose of a sticker from a pack.

-/ordersticker to reorder stickers of a pack.

-/stats to get utilization stats for a precise sticker.

-/top to see the top stickers in your pack.

-/packstats to get utilization stats for a sticker pack.

-/packtop to see your pinnacle sticker packs.

-/cancel to cancel any command you used.

Upload Telegram Stickers

Now using the commands above, you need to upload your sticker pack to telegram. To do so, follow the steps listed below

  • Now in the message box type the “/newpack” command and hit Enter on your keyboard.

Telegram stickers bot

  • The Telegram Bot will request you to provide a name for your sticker pack.
  • Now click on the File icon to transfer your first sticker. It is vital that you simply transfer it as a file, not as a photograph. If you employ the Camera icon, the Telegram bot will reject the image.

Image to make

  • The bot will send a message asking you to add an emoji that goes with this sticker best.
  • Repeat the steps above for each sticker you would like to add to your pack.
  • Once you are done, type “/publish” into the message box and click on send.
  • If you feel like adding an icon for your pack, add it just like you uploaded the previous snapshots.
  • Finally, send the bot a quick title for your pack which will be used in its URL.


Send Your Telegram Stickers

Telegram doesn’t contain a sticker shop or any other platform to browse all the existing stickers. That could mean that your pack will not be seen by anyone unless and until you and your pals begin sending the stickers you made.

In order to send your stickers click on your sticker pack’s URL, now you can use two methods for sharing your stickers.

  • Share”: It sends the link of your pack to the contacts of your choice in Telegram.
  • Add Stickers”: This command will add the pack to your collection which enables you to send each sticker to your Telegram contacts. Your contacts can easily tap on the sticker you send and see it.

Add your stickers


Today we have seen how we can easily make stickers on telegram using simple photo editing software such as adobe photoshop. Stickers are a cool and funny way to communicate, and telegram provides you ample opportunity to use these stickers in your conversations.

We hope this tutorial on how to create stickers helped you to learn the art of making creative telegram stickers.

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