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How to Download Twitter Videos (Save Videos from Twitter)

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Download videos from twitter
  • Download Twitter Videos on PC
  • Download Twitter Videos on Android
  • Download Twitter Videos on iOS

In recent times, Twitter has been dominating the social media industry. Twitter is a storehouse of viral videos, trendy hashtags, and breaking news. Almost all celebrities, singers, politicians, and other famous personas have a Twitter account.  Resultantly, you can find viral videos on Twitter before you find them on any other social media platform. Wouldn’t it be pretty cool if you could download these videos and store them on your device? Wondering how to download Twitter videos?

Well, we have got you covered! Follow along with this article as we give you an overview of tips and tricks to download videos from Twitter.

How to Download Twitter Videos on a Desktop?

Downloading videos from Twitter and saving them onto your desktop is pretty simple. All you need to do is simply head to either of these websites: Twitter Video Downloader or SaveTweetVid.

Follow the simple steps listed below:

download twitter videos on desktop

  • Head to any of the above-listed websites, i.e. SaveTweetVid or Twitter Video Downloader.
  • Now open the video that you wish to download from Twitter on another tab in your browser.
  • Copy the link to the video from the browser.

copy link from tweet

  • Paste the link into the designated column on the website you have opened.
  • Once done, the websites will offer you a wide range of available video qualities you can choose from. Select your preferred video quality and click on “Download“.

How to download Twitter Videos on Your Android Phone?

Downloading media files from the internet is much more convenient on android phones. This is because the security policy of android is not as strict as that of iOS mobile phones. As a result, saving videos from Twitter onto your android device is pretty simple. To do so, firstly you need to head to the play store and download the “Download Twitter videos: Twitter video downloader” application.

Follow the steps listed below to download Twitter videos to your android phone.

Download twitter videos on android devices

  • Firstly ensure that you have downloaded the app from the play store using the link above.
  • Then open Twitter and head to the tweet that consists of the video that you wish to download.
  • Now click on the share button and copy the link.

copy link to tweet on your android phone

  • Now open the app and paste the link in the designated section. Once you’ve pasted the link, hit the download button on the bottom right side of your screen.

Once you have completed the above-listed steps, the download will begin on your android device. To view the downloaded video, you can either head to the “file manager” or “gallery” on your android phone.

How To Download Twitter Videos on iOS?

download the readle application

Downloading any form of media on iOS is a big deal, this is mainly because of the staunch security rules of iOS devices. To download media from Twitter onto your iOS device you need to download either Document by readle or My media application on your iOS device. After you have installed either of the following applications, follow the steps listed below in order to download videos from Twitter to your apple device.

  • First, open the Twitter app and copy the link to the tweet containing the video you wish to download.

copy link to tweet on iOS

  • Next, open the application you have downloaded i.e. either My media application or Documents by readle.
  • At the bottom of your screen, you will be able to find the browser icon, click on this icon to open up the in-app browser
  • In the search bar of the browser, search for
  • On this website, you need to paste the link to the tweet that you copied earlier. Once done, click on the “Download” button. In doing so, a new pop-up download link will appear. Click on it and then choose the download button.

After completing the above-listed steps, your video will be saved in the app’s internal storage. To save the video to the camera roll of your iOS device, open the video in the app and select “Save to camera roll“.


Well, today we have seen how you can download the videos from Twitter on multiple operating system platforms and devices.

All these methods are not too complex to follow and even a neophyte could download Twitter videos with ease.

What are you waiting for?

Get going! Download the most trendy videos from Twitter today!

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