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How to Make Facebook Avatar

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How to Make Facebook Avatar

Considering how much we as social media addicts love to use emojis and bitmoji, it is not surprising that now we also want a cartoon avatar of ourselves to express our emotions on the internet. And if you are one such individual, then learning how to make Facebook Avatar will surely come in handy in the future. 

Facebook Avatars are like cartoony interpretations of a Facebook user, which are created and customised by that user himself. The feature is extremely precise and enables everyone to make the most personalised changes in their Avatar. From a mole position to the degree of a frown, you can add any or every character on your Facebook avatar to make it look as identical as you can. 

If you are an avid user of Nintendo Mijs, Memojis, or Bitmojis, then you should try Facebook Avatars. So you can create the most realistic-looking stickers to use on social media. 

Read on to learn how to make a Facebook avatar. 

How to Make a Facebook Avatar

  • To create a Facebook Avatar, you must be logged in to your Facebook Account on the Facebook App. So, start by logging in to your account or setting up a new account on the App.
  • Next, on your home screen, you will see three horizontal lines on top that will lead to the Facebook menu. Click on that. 
  • You are shown various options to choose from on opening the account menu. Scroll down, and hit “see more”. 
  • Now select the Avatars option.
  • Once you are in the Avatar Section, you will have to hit create your Avatar. Following this, you can start the process. 
  • There are various details to customise while making your Avatar, which includes skin colour, hairstyle, hair colour, eyebrow colour, face markings, clothing, body type, face shape, etc.
Choose a skin tone for your Facebook Avatar.
  • The inclusivity is also impressive as the Facebook avatar gives all kinds of options for diverse races of its users, unlike other apps with similar features. It also includes various body types, from straight to pear shapes. This enables you to pay attention to detail and proudly represent your identity on your cartoon figure. 
Select any body type.
  • Once your Avatar is customised, you can tap on the Done button. And confirm the changes.
  • Your Avatar will get updated and loaded. Once it’s done, you can review it, edit it again or share it in your feed.
Your Avatar is ready, and now you know how to make Facebook Avatar.

Remember that the Avatar feature is only available on the Facebook app. However, once you create it on your phone, you can later access it on the desktop version as well. Furthermore, it can be used in the profile picture, comments and chat boxes from anywhere. 


These Avatars are a great initiative to give people a means to share their physical identity with their Facebook friends, with an added form of cartoonish resemblance. But, the fun part is that it doesn’t have to be like you at all, so you can maybe create a version of your most desired self as a cartoon or an exaggerated caricature of yourself to get a few laughs. 

In short, these Avatars are there to add fun to your online experience and deliver on what they promise. Now you can create custom bitmojis, stickers and gifs of your Avatar and share them with your friends. 

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