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How to Open Web Pages In Google Web Light (googleweblight) Manually

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  • Why use google web light?
  • How to launch google web light manually?
  • Google web light chrome extension
  • Transcode failure error

Internet hassles can annoy even the most patient people. Surfing the web could become all the more irritating. For this reason, Google had introduced the googleweblight feature on its web browsers. The googleweblight web page is automatically invoked when the browser detects a slow internet connection.

This helps load your website faster and uses up lesser data bits.

Currently, googleweblight is available only on Android smartphones but you can also try it on your computers.

Why use googleweblight?

The primary function of google web light is to save up on the data bits being consumed. According to calculations, it takes about 720kb of internet per minute to load a webpage when using a 4G carrier service.

This internet consumption can be reduced greatly by using google web light. Google web light helps load websites about 4 times faster. Not only this, google web light also reduces the amount of data bits being used.

Sometimes, Google does not launch the Google Web Light version of the website even after detecting a slow internet connection. This could be due to certain technical difficulties. In such cases, you may need to launch the google web light version of the website manually. Wondering how you can launch googleweblight manually? Follow along with this article in order to learn how you can do so easily!

How to Launch googleweblight Manually?

Follow this step-by-step guide in order to launch google web light manually on your device.

  • Firstly, you need to copy the URL of the website that you wish to open using google web light.

Address bar to get the URL of a website

  • Next, open another tab on your preferred browser.
  • After this, you need to type the following URL in the address bar “[website address here] “. Replace “Website address here” with the URL of the website which you wish to open using light mode.
  • While entering the URL of the website, make sure that you add “https://” before it. For instance, if you wish to open this website in googleweblight mode, you need to enter: . The googleweblight version of the website looks something like this

googleweblight version of the website

  • If you wish to relaunch the original website. All you need to do is, click on “View original“, by doing so the normal version of the website opens.

Extension for using Google Web Light

If you find the above-listed method inconvenient, you can also use the chrome extension to launch a website in google web light. The chrome extension allows you to launch a website in google web light mode very easily. In order to add the extension to chrome, all you need to do is click on “Add to chrome“.

Google chrome extension for googleweblight

Now whenever you head to a website, a small pop-up would appear on the top right asking you if you wish to launch the website via google web light.

launch via googleweblight

Alternatively, you can also use a keyboard shortcut in order to launch any website using google web light. To do so follow the steps given below

  • Firstly ensure that you have added the extension into chrome.
  • Head to the website which you would like to use.
  • Next, on your keyboard press and hold “command + alt+ G“.
  • On doing so, the website will launch via google web light.

Transcoding Test failed, googleweblight error

While trying to launch google web light version of the website, often you get an error that says “Transcoding test failed“. Are you getting a similar error too? Well it happens because the data bits being transcoded to the google web light version exceed a limit.

Some websites are very content heavy. This means that the website has a lot of information. Transcoding all the data on a website into google web light form might not be possible in such cases.


As we see, googleweblight is an excellent way to save mobile data. If you are running low on mobile data or have a terribly slow internet, you can simply choose to launch the website through google web light. On detecting a slow internet connection, the website should launch via google web light automatically. However, if it doesn’t, you can always launch it manually using the methods we saw today!

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