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How to Access Mac Files From Windows/Android/iOS Remotely

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These days, Apple becomes more and more popular. Everyone has buying products from Apple, but most of them were buying Apple’s Mac series Computers. But yet most people still having Windows PC’s before they buy Mac Computers or laptops. So, if you are running both Mac’s and PC’s on your same network, and want to access Mac files like movies, songs, and pictures from Windows PC or in Android or iOS devices wirelessly. So, today I came up with a great trick to share with you guys, which is how to access Mac files from Windows PC or Android or iOS – Remotely.

Access Mac Files Remotely

Note: The devices that you want to access Mac files will be on the same network that your Mac has.

What this trick does is that it shares your Mac files with a particular IP address, and you can access those Mac files with that IP address by using FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Server.

Folks, before you want to access Mac files from Windows PC, you need to Enable File Sharing on your Mac.

Enable File Sharing on Mac to Access Mac Files from Windows PC:

  • Go to System Preferences on your Mac.
  • Go to the Sharing option.
  • Turn on File Sharing in System Preferences.

Turn On Windows file Sharing on Mac

  • Click on Option in the File Sharing menu.
  • Make sure Windows File Sharing is checked.

Turn on file sharing on Mac

Also, you can add which folder you want to access wirelessly in the “Share Folder” section and by default, the admin has Read & Write option for the entire file system.

And another thing you need to do in your Mac System, which is you need to add your Windows PC Workgroup Name, to do that follow the steps which I showed below:

  • Go to System Preferences on your Mac.
  • And then go to Network in System Preferences.
  • Click on Activated Network and then click on Advanced.

How to Access Mac Files From Windows Android OS Remotely - Enter Workgroup name

  • Go to the WINS tab.
  • Under the WINS tab enter your Windows PC “Workgroup Name”.


If you don’t know the “Workgroup Name,” so here are the steps to find Workgroup Name on Windows PC:

  • Go to My Computer on Windows PC.
  • Right-click and then click on the Properties.
  • There you will find your Workgroup Name and enter it on your Mac.

How to Access Mac Files From Windows Android iOS Remotely - Find Workgroup name on Windows

Note: To access Mac files from Windows or on Android or iOS, you must turn on these settings as I showed above.

Steps to Access Mac Files from Windows PC:

  • Go to “Run” on your Windows PC.
  • Type \\ insert your IP address and hit ok. (or smb://your IP)

How to Access Mac Files From Windows Android iOS Remotely - Open run & enter IP to access

  • And it will ask for your Mac Username and Password.

That’s it, you can access your Mac files on your Windows PC, so now you can download those files or stream your files online.

Now, let’s dig into access Mac files from Android.

Steps for Android:

  • For this also you need to turn on the File Sharing option in System Preferences on your Mac, and also you can set another additional setting which I showed below.
  • Go to the Sharing option in the System Preferences menu.
  • Under it, turn on Remote Login.

How to Access Mac Files From Windows Android iOS Remotely - Turn On Remote Sharing

That’s it for Mac, to access these files from Android, and let’s crack into the Android phone.

  • Go to Play Store on your Android device and download ES File Explorer.
  • Open ES File Explorer.
  • Swipe right in ES File Explorer and under its open the Network menu.
  • In the Network Menu tap on the FTP option.

How to Access Mac Files From Windows Android iOS Remotely - Open FTP option in Network Menu

  • After that, you need to create a new FTP server, to do that tap on New.
  • By tapping on the New button, a menu will appear, select SFTP on that menu.

How to Access Mac Files From Windows Android iOS Remotely - Choose SFTP option

  • After that fill in all the details like the Server, Username, and Password.

How to Access Mac Files From Windows Android iOS Remotely - Enter SFTP Server Details

  • The server will be your IP & username and password (you know already) and leave all options default.

So, guys, you can now access your files from your Android device, and even you can copy and move them to your phone’s storage.

Now let’s know, how to access files from iOS devices.

Steps to Access Mac Files from iOS Devices:

  • Go to App Store on your iOS device and download any File Explorer, which has FTP Server support.
  • Open that File Explorer and tap on “+ sign.”
  • Now select Mac OS X from the appeared window.
  • Now fill in the details of your IP address, Mac Username, and Password.

That’s it, guys Now you can copy files from Mac files to your iOS device storage.

Now, you can access Mac files from your Windows PC or Android or iOS devices, which is a great trick without using any software on your Mac.

So folks, if your friend has a Mac and doesn’t know about this thing, feel free to share it with your friends via Social Media. Also, if you have any queries feel free to comment down below.

Stay Tuned and Stay Updated.

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