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Automatically Share Instagram Photos to Twitter

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Share Instagram photos to Twitter

In today’s time, platforms like Instagram and Twitter have become a fundamental aspect of keeping up with trends on the internet. Most people have multiple accounts on these platforms and have to post tons of content to keep up with the online community. Therefore, often you see people share Instagram photos simultaneously on other pages like Twitter or Instagram. 

However, due to a busy schedule or the redundancy of the tasks, many people abandon their unused accounts like Twitter or Facebook and primarily focus on their most-used apps, like Instagram. While this is a great take to reduce time wastage on various social media platforms, it can also make people lose their years of accumulated followers on these accounts due to inactivity over a long period. Luckily, there is a quick trick for you if you have one such problem. 

Instead of going to the other account, say on Twitter, post the same picture/post you posted on Instagram to retain engagement. Instead, you can link your both accounts to share your Instagram photos to Twitter automatically.

Share Instagram Photos on Twitter By Linking The Two Accounts

This is a menial task that we believe almost all of you must have tried before, that is, simply linking the two apps together. Here is how to do it on your Instagram account: 

  • Open your Instagram account.
  • Choose the hamburger icon
  • Then go to settings.
To share Instagram photos to Twitter open Instagram settings
  • In settings, select accounts.
Go to Accounts
  • Under accounts, you will find the option for sharing to other apps. Tap on it.
Select sharing to other apps
  • Next, you will see a list of linkable social media apps from Instagram. You will see Twitter on the list and select it.
To share Instagram photos to Twitter, select it from the list of the linkable apps.
  • Once you select Twitter, Instagram will lead you to a page wherein you will be asked to enter your Twitter account details. Enter the email ID and Password, and click next
  • Press Authorize App to link to Instagram and Twitter on the next page.
Authorise Instagram to link with Twitter, so it can automatically share Instagram photos to Twitter as a link.
  • To share Instagram photos on Twitter, you will have to create a post on Instagram. Choose the + icon on Instagram and select your post from the gallery. 
  • After choosing the post and processing it further, you will see on a page the option to share this post on other social media apps. Turn the toggle on next to Twitter. Your Instagram account will automatically show your Twitter username next to it.
Turn on the toggle of Twitter to share Instagram photos
  • Press Post. 

And you are done! Your post will appear on both Instagram and Twitter. However, this way, you can only share the Instagram photo as a link to Twitter. Your Twitter followers will be automatically led to your Instagram post on clicking this link. 

How to Share Instagram Photos to Twitter Automatically 

This is a lesser-known yet unique solution for influencers to manage all their accounts at the same time. Although, Instagram gives us the option to link Twitter with Instagram posts. However, It is unlikely that people will click on the link posted by your Twitter to view your Instagram photo. 

Hence, to increase engagement on all your platforms, you can instead try to share Instagram photos as a native post to your Twitter. Here is how: 

  • Go to Google Play and download an app called IFTTT.
  • Sign up for the app after it’s downloaded.
  • On its front page, you will see various applets that will connect to different social media. Here search for Twitter/Instagram to find their related applets.
  • In the results, you will find one applet by Instagram called “Tweet your Instagram photos as native photos on Twitter”; Select it.
Search for Twitter Instagram related applets
  • You will see a large toggle on the screen on the next page. Tap on it to move ahead.
Click on the connect toggle
  • Next, you will have to enter your Twitter details. Enter it and then authorize the app.
Authorise Twitter
  • After your Twitter account is connected, the app will ask for Instagram details and authorization. Follow the same procedure to connect Instagram with IFTTT as well.
Authorise Instagram
  • Once both the accounts are linked to the IFTTT app, go to the original applet and turn on the connect toggle.
  • After the applet is connected, open Instagram and post a new photo. Remember here to keep the toggle off on Twitter so that Instagram doesn’t share another link of the post to your linked Twitter account.
  • Post the Photo on Instagram.

After a while, you will see the complete Instagram photo shared on your Twitter feed with a link in the caption to your Instagram account. (Which you can customize from the IFTTT account).

How to Disconnect? 

In case you share a photo to Instagram you don’t want on your Twitter, remember to turn off the toggle of the applet from the IFTTT app.

  • For that, open the app.
  • Go to my applet at the bottom.
  • Select the applet for “Tweet your Instagram photos as native photos on Twitter”.
  • Turn off the toggle that says connected.  

You will be soon disconnected from the platform.


We all know that no one truly likes to go to another app and repeatedly repost the same thing. The repetition of the task can make people lose interest and cause them to make a mistake in the post. Instead, try using this trick to simultaneously share Instagram photos on your Twitter so that you don’t have to waste time on unnecessary activities and continue to retain your followers on both platforms easily. 

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