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Bad Monitoring Apps Are Everywhere – Here’s How You Can Avoid Them

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Bad Monitoring Apps Are Everywhere - Here's How You Can Avoid Them

The good news first: There are more monitoring apps out there than ever before to help you accomplish your business and personal goals.

The bad news: The number of software and hardware options available can easily weigh you down and distract you from your priorities.

With hundreds of Android spying software available to the users, it takes more than luck and a few Google searches to pick the right tool for you, besides requiring the right mindset.

So here are a few points you should keep in mind when evaluating a monitoring app. Why would you need them? To make sure that the app is helping you to focus on the essentials, instead of making more work for you.

Identify Your Purpose

In the cyber age, it’s easy to run Google searches like “the best monitoring apps”. But it’s important to bear in mind that what may be the best for someone else, even what’s best for a lot of people, may not be what is best for you.

To identify your priorities first. You can evaluate monitoring tools based on the criteria that mean to you. For example, if you’re buying an Android spying software with the intent of using it primarily for monitoring your kids, you will have a different set of priorities from someone who uses their monitoring app primarily for employees.

Once you have solidified your priorities, try narrowing down your criteria by asking yourself particular questions like:

  • What problems am I expecting to address with this app? What need would it serve?
  • What solution would best serve this need?
  • What technology would help me solve this problem?
  • What features do I need to address my needs?
  • How does my schedule help in solving the problem?

When you have answers to these questions, you can evaluate all your options more astutely.

Finding Reliable Android Spying Software Tools

When you are searching for the right monitoring app, look for these traits:

  • Established developer: While searching for the app, make sure the developer is well established and has the longevity of its name. For Example, choosing the Xnspy app that has more than 300,000 subscribers will be easier than going for any ‘XYZ’ brand that launched recently. Yes, it is great to support startups, but when it comes to the safety of your loved ones, choose the right tools you know will be around for years to come.
  • Don’t go for freeware: Beware of the freeware that cannot monetize. Freeware seem quite attractive since you are not paying anything for them and although free apps can be discontinued without notice if they aren’t helping you out, they can cost you time, opportunity, and above all, risk your loved ones’ private data.
  • Customer support: Look for the monitoring apps that have amazing customer support like Xnspy. If a company spends the time to teach you how to use their product, you know they’re dedicated to their customers.
  • Be willing to pay: Paying for the safety of your child or spouse is worth every penny. Imagine you are trying to build a birdhouse but don’t have a hammer to pound the nails. Sure you could use other objects to pound them in, but how much easier would it be if you just paid for the right tool?

The goal here is to find the fewest number of apps that work with your priorities and needs.

Choose the Right Balance of Ease and Control

When you’re choosing a monitoring app – whether it’s deciding on what app to use or which app to purchase – you should evaluate your need for control alongside your need for ease of use.

An Android spying software like Xnspy, for example, provides a lot of options for remote monitoring, location monitoring, and online monitoring and has a pretty shallow learning curve. The app is quite intuitive in use as well. But for some people, the benefits of customization outweigh the costs of monitoring. For others, it’s not a good trade-off.

Consider these features in any monitoring app:

  • Remote monitoring: By control, we mean that you are actually able to use the app features anytime, anywhere. Some remote features must include a remote lock that locks down your device remotely via a web browser interface, preventing unauthorized access. Similarly, the remote blocking feature in an app will allow you to block all stock and third-party applications.

Bad Monitoring Apps Are Everywhere - Here's How You Can Avoid Them

  • Compatibility: Prior to making any decision, make sure the app you are using is compatible with the latest smartphone operating software. Apple has recently rolled out iPhone X and similarly Android keeps updating, the XNSPY app supports both of them. So make sure any app that you choose must run comfortably on the latest cell phones.
  • Performance: Any android spying software you buy should be efficient in use. It should not slow down the phone or the phone starts hanging. Many times, apps are not efficient performance-wise and they will drain your battery in no time. So watch out for such apps.

It may sound like a lot of effort, but when you strike the right balance between ease and control, you benefit from the monitoring features that are both powerful and efficient.

Do the research and Make a Decision

Instead of wasting time endlessly reading reviews and comparisons, persuade yourself to make a decision and stick with it. If you want to choose the best Android spying software for yourself, make sure if you haven’t just skimmed through the article.

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