Gaming Experience on Smartphone vs. Tablets vs. PC

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Gaming Experience on Smartphone vs. Tablets vs. PC

The gaming segment developed so much in the last one to two decades especially in the last 5 years after the introduction of high-end processors and graphics to support high-end games. After the introduction of smartphones and after that tablets the gaming segment has transformed to the next level. In the past, we all used to play games on our desktops or on laptops in the later period. But smartphones and tablets have provided a better medium for game developers as well as users to experience high-performance-based games on smartphones and tablets. And here is my gaming experience on these devices.


The Gaming Experience on PC:

Computers as always, first choice when it comes to high-end games. PCs are always preferable over smartphones to play games that have multiple controls and some really high-quality graphics. For games like FIFA and GTA, you need a PC to improve the overall gaming experience. All these games are not possible to play on tablets or smartphones. Whereas in contradiction games like Angry Birds are more convenient to play on a tablet or smartphone rather than on a PC or Laptop because the game is designed in such a way that it’s better to play it on a touch-based device rather than using a keyboard or something.

The Gaming Experience on Smartphone:

On Smartphone you will get tons of games to play, but all games are not always good to be played Smartphone because the major drawback is the screen size. If you want to play action games, then the screen size should be large enough to get involved in games. Though today, you will find many smartphones having a 5-inch screen, still that can be improved if play that same game on the tablet. Smartphones are used to play games like Puzzle-solving eg. 2048 and some simple action games, also for casino games where you can bet your money from anywhere you are, check it out here.

The Gaming Experience on Tablet:

The tablet is by far the best medium for gaming. With sensors and a big screen, it’s very convenient to play games on tablets. The tablet has many strong points in terms of proper screen size with good processing power and better holding options rather than smartphones and PCs. Games like Real Racing, Riptide GP2, Reckless Racing 2, and many more games are there which you will find must-have on your tablet.

Each and every gadget has its own strong points and drawbacks in terms of its size, specification, and cost.


To conclude on which devices are better for gaming experience I would say that if you are more towards puzzles and logical games then Smartphone is a good choice. But if you want some good graphics with more attractiveness and a good experience for games like action games and others undoubtedly tablet is your choice. Lastly, if you want to play high-end games and ok to spend some good money then PC or Laptop is your choice.

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