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How to Take Screenshot From YouTube Video

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How to Take Screenshot from YouTube Video

YouTube has everything in the world they say. The popularity of the video streaming platform is such that everyone irrespective of nationality, age and gender knows YouTube. Many times you might want to take screenshot from YouTube videos. The plethora of videos available on YouTube lets you watch billions of videos ranging across several genres. Hence you might want to store screenshots from some or the other video. Want to know how you can take clear screenshots from YouTube videos? Follow this article to find out the best ways to take screenshot from YouTube videos.

Method 1: Print Screen

Although conventional, the print screen is one of the most popular methods of taking a screenshot. The print screen is labeled as “PrtScr” on the keyboard. Here’s how you can take screenshots of a youtube video using print screen

  • Head to YouTube and play the video. You can play the video in full screen mode if you want the screenshot to cover the entire screen.
how to take screenshot from youtube using print screen
  • Once the frame you want a screenshot of has arrived, you need to click on the “PrtScr” key on your keyboard
  • Head to Microsoft Word and click Ctrl + V in order to paste the screenshot. 
  • Once you’ve pasted the screenshot on word, right click on it and then select “Save as picture” from the drop down menu. 
how to take screenshot from youtube using print screen

After you’ve completed the steps mentioned above, the picture will be saved in the directory you have chosen. Head to the folder you’ve saved the picture to find the screenshot. 

Method 2: The YouTube Screenshot Generator

If you do not want to capture the entire screen on your screenshot, you could try using a YouTube Screenshot generator. A popular example of a YouTube screenshot generator is ““. Such generators allow you to capture the thumbnail without capturing the entire screen in the screenshot. 

  • Head to on your browser. Here, you need to enter the link of the video you want a screenshot from.
How to use
  • On entering the link, the generator will show all the screenshots from the particular video.
  • Scroll down the page to find a section where you can play the YouTube video. Use the slider bar in order to head to the frame you wish to take a screenshot of. 
All screenshots displayed
  • Once you’ve arrived at the right frame, click on “Take screenshot“. The website then displays the screenshot. You can right click on the image and then use “save image as” in order to save the screenshot into your computer. 

Method 3: YouTube Screenshot Taker Extension

One of the best ways to take a screenshot from a YouTube video is by using the YouTube Screenshot extension. Using this way you can get as many screenshots as you wish whilst watching the YouTube video. 

In order to follow this method, you need to install an extension onto your browser. Follow the steps mentioned below to take a screenshot from YouTube using this method. 

Use screenshot youtube extension for taking screenshots
  • Head to YouTube and play the video you want a screenshot from. (Ensure that you’ve signed into YouTube) 
  • Since you’ve installed the extension, you should have a “Screenshot” button at the lower right corner of your screen. You can click on the button whenever you wish to capture a particular frame. 
screenshot button on the bottom right
  • The destination folder is set to downloads by default. You can find the screenshots you take in the downloads folder on your system. 

Method 4: Power Button + Volume Button

The above listed methods were to take a screenshot from a YouTube video if you were using a Desktop or a Laptop. However, the methods wouldn’t work well for mobile devices or tablets. Capturing a screenshot from a YouTube video on a phone is much simpler. You can simply use the good old power button + volume key and take a screenshot. If you’re confused, follow the steps given below:

  • Head to the YouTube app and play the video you want a screenshot from. You can also play the video in full screen mode if you wish to capture the entire video in horizontal mode.
  • Once you’ve reached the frame you want a screenshot of, press the volume button and the power button simultaneously. Once done, a screenshot would have been captured. You can find it in your phone’s gallery.

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Taking a screenshot is a pretty simple task. However, it has an array of methods and each method yields different results. You can use any of the methods discussed today in order to grab a screenshot from YouTube videos. So next time you want a screenshot from your favorite YouTube video or a screenshot of a meme, you can use any of the discussed methods! All the best! 

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