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How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos

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Add subtitles to your YouTube videos to increase views

If you are a content creator with a budding YouTube channel, you must constantly be looking for tricks and tips that can help you achieve a more significant number of views on your channel. If so, then try to add subtitles to YouTube videos. This is a highly underestimated yet exceptionally well resulting technique used by the most prominent content creators on the platform. 

It is well known that YouTube is a globally used phenomenon, wherein millions of people use the platform every day for various sources of entertainment. Now a majority of these audiences have their specific native language, thus limiting them to watching content that is recited in their speeches. This is where adding subtitles offers an excellent opportunity for growing YouTubers to attract these foreign viewers to their channel by adding captions to help them understand the gist of their videos. Hence, by adding subtitles, you can also expand the inclusivity in your videos, thereby gaining more views than ever before. 

4 Ways to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos 

YouTube gives you four options to create subtitles:

  • Upload a file: you will have to add self-made subtitles of your video from your internal drive. 
  • Auto Sync: in this option, YouTube will automatically create subtitles based on the video’s audio. But the language used in the video must be English.
  • Auto Translate: If a foreign language is used in the video, YouTube will try to automatically translate the audio into English for English speaking audience to understand the video.
  • Type Manually: Typing Manually enables you to create the subtitles of your video on the spot while simultaneously listening to the audio. You can select the time stamp and watch at the same time if the subtitles are correctly placed or not. 

How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos by Using YouTube Studio

This method is the most advantageous to PC users as they can pre-write their subtitles and save them in their desktop storage, which they can later upload on the video using the YouTube Studio page.  

To begin with, the process follows the instruction given below: 

  • Open YouTube Studios on the Web Browser and Log In. 
  • Under the dashboard, you will find the option for videos; select that to see a list of all your uploaded videos.  
  • Choose the video you want to add subtitles in.
  • Then choose the subtitles option on the screen to go to the YouTube video subtitles editor page.
  • In the language section, select English or any other language you prefer. 
  • Next in the video subtitles list, there will be an option to Add. Click on it. 
  • Herein you will see options for closed captions or subtitles on your video: Upload a file, Auto Sync, Auto Translate, or Type Manually. Choose whichever one you want.
Choose the method to add subtitles to YouTube Videos
  • Once selected and entered the subtitles, you can click on the Done button. But in case you’d like to come back and re-edit this, you can click on Save Draft for now.
Manually type your subtitles and edit them in a specific time length.

This is how you can easily add subtitles to YouTube videos. While the subtitles edit section of the YouTube studio page has a straightforward interface, however, for some people, this can be halting if they don’t currently have access to a PC or laptop. Luckily for them, there is another way.

How to Add Subtitles to YouTube Videos Using the Mobile 

This is an incredibly convenient method for those who want to manually type their captions while looking at their videos. In this way, they write much faster and, at the same time, will have easier access to their YouTube edit section through their phones. 

  • Go to chrome and search
  • In your account, click on your profile picture to open the menu and select creator studio
  • Next, on the left side, you will see a dashboard section from which you need to click on video manager.
  • Here you will see a list of all your uploaded videos. Select the one you want to edit.
  • On opening the video editing page, you will see an option for subtitles/cc on the right side. Click on that.
Select the subtitles/cc option
  • Next, click on the add new subtitles/cc button highlighted in blue. This will give options in language selection. Choose whichever language you want your subtitles in.
Choose the language for subtitles
  • Once chosen the language, the interface will lead you to the next page where at last, you have to select the method for uploading the subtitles: Upload a file, Transcribe or auto-sync, And create new subtitles or CC. You can choose your desired option and continue in the way described.
Choose the method to add subtitles to YouTube Videos on mobile

That’s it. You can now add subtitles to your YouTube videos in the same way. This is an efficient way through which one can quickly boost their viewer counts.

Important Tip 

Remember that these methods mentioned are for those videos that are already uploaded, and now the creator wants to add subtitles in them to grow their engagement. However, for new videos, channel operators should know that YouTube has released a new option for them to add subtitles at the time of uploading videos so that they can attract a more significant number of audiences from the start.

You can add subtitles to YouTube videos while uploading them


Understanding the vitality of video and content domination across the world has led many prominent YouTubers to start creating their content in other languages. And adding subtitles to the YouTube videos is just another one of these tricks that helped them achieve their success on the platform. 

Considering how little effort is put into adding subtitles majority of small creators often neglect the value it adds to their content. But the spectrum of audiences is expanding in every direction. Hence it is only prudent that creators acknowledge the contribution of foreign speakers and begin to target them as audiences as well.  

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