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How to Transfer Files Between Your Mac & iOS Device

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How to Transfer Files Between Your Mac & iOS Device

iOS is pretty famous and popular among youth, especially Indians. It comes with a great platform and the features are amazing. Unlike Android, it limits some features like direct transferring of your files from PC to iPhones or iPads. In this tutorial, you’ll get to know how you can transfer files from your Mac to your iOS device.

Email /Messages

Easiest and convenient way. In iOS, you can send yourself a message, and then it will show up for you on your other devices using the same account in messages. Depending on the file type, you may or may not able to open files on your device. Naturally, we will avoid using a lot of cellular data in the case of large files.

AirDrop on iOS Device

It’s an Apple technology to transfer documents or files among supported Mac computers and iOS devices without using mail or a mass storage device. There’s no restriction on the dimensions of the document.

Steps to transfer:

  • Make sure that both devices have AirDrop turned ON and are within 9 meters.
  • If AirDrop on the receiving device is set up to receive items from contacts only, make sure that both devices are signed in to iCloud.
  • Also, confirm that the e-mail address or signaling related to your Apple ID is within the Contacts app of the receiving device.
  • Choose to Go> AirDrop in Finder from the menu bar, and then, on your iOS device, make sure AirDrop is activated in the control center (swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access this setting).
  • On a mac, an item is saved to the Downloads folder.
  • On an iOS device, an item appears in the appropriate app.

Dropbox or other Cloud Services

If you use the Dropbox app on your iOS device you can add files to your cloud and then access them on your iOS device. If there are unit-specific files you would like to access on your iOS device, you’ll realize apps that will scan them. For example, to read Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel for iOS, Apple’s Numbers, or another app that can view these files.

iCloud Drive on iOS Device

iCloud Drive may be a bit completely different from different cloud services. It stores files that you have opened with a specific app. You can add a file to the iCloud drive and create your own folder, or just copy files to the top level of iCloud Drive.

Choose to Go> iCloud Drive in Finder, then add the file to your desired location. Click the file, then faucet the Share button to check your choices for gap the file.

iTunes on iOS Device

You can use iTunes file sharing to copy things between devices. This is slightly less convenient because it requires plugging your iPhone or iPad into your mac and make sure there is an app that uses iTunes file sharing in order to move things back and forth.


If you want to share your clipboard between devices, you can do so using Scribe. It requires Bluetooth LE to make its connection. If you do, the iOS and Mac OS version are both free and it allows you to scoop up phone numbers, images, blocks of text.

Desk Connect

Desk Connect is a free iOS and Mac OS app that allows to take virtually anything from one device and copy it to the other. You have to create an account, but both apps are free and easy to use.

Copy audio or video files with Waltr

Waltr will copy nearly the associated form of audio or video file to an iOS device, changing it, if necessary, to a format that Apple’s app will play. In order to use it, connect your iOS device, quit iTunes, and then drag your file(s) on Waltr’s window. This app will convert and transfers the files, and you can access them in the music or video app.


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