Download Videos: Top 5 Best Android Apps (Free)

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Android Apps to Download Videos

Most of us love to watch videos, and now technology makes it more fun and accessible as smartphones replace any video player devices.

Back in time, we used to download music on the computer then transfer them to the phone. The mobile network started to serve high-speed data and wi-fi networks available around us, it becomes easier to do things on the phone what we used to do on the desktop.

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Free Android Smartphone Apps to Download VIDEOS

Now we can download videos from the internet directly to the phone and make this task easier there are the following apps allowing the search for videos and download them:-


  • This free Android app is easy to use.
  • Download video over the Internet, select any videos.
  • HDV to select the download option.
  • Now save the file to your phone service.
  • The Video Downloader from AVI, mp4, 3gp, MOV, FLV, WMV, mpg extension videos can be downloaded.



  • The app downloads quickly.
  • You can download multiple videos simultaneously.
  • Except for the video files can also be downloaded.
  • The app also supports different video formats.



  • 2 Easy App was developed by the same team who made it? The company Easy Battery Saver, Easy Downloader Pro and Easy App Lock has made? such an application.
  • The Downloader allows you to download large files.
  • In the middle of downloading the Pause feature to download again.
  • Simple interface that is easy to use due.

This app is no longer available on Google Play Store, download this alternative instead.



  • This app is the most important thing that they can easily download videos of any format takes.
  • It supports heavy files.
  • Pause and Resume options are available in the video.
  • Video downloading time to Speedup is also provided.
  • Download the video and customize the app to search is also provided.
  • Music audio playback of .aac, .mp3, and .m4a formats
  • Video playback of .m4v, .mp4, and .mov formats
  • Playlists have been added for both Music and Movie player
  • Ability to play all MP3 files in a folder like a playlist
  • Repeat and shuffle songs
  • Audio playback continues with the screen locked
  • Playlist support
  • Display album artwork embedded in .mp3
  • Background audio
  • Alternative Downloader options making downloading easier



  • It does not limit downloading.
  • You can download the video in different languages.
  • Easy to use the app, select the video can be downloaded.


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