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How to Use Google Maps Offline (Android & iOS)

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How to Use Google Maps Offline

Google Maps is the best when it comes to directions to your places. You might be anywhere, it doesn’t matter, you just have Internet access and open Google Maps. And you are unstoppable! You can go anywhere in the world.

Are you thinking that it is possible to use Google Maps Offline?

Yes, it is possible to use Google Maps Offline.

Google Maps plays an important role in our daily life and many people use Google Maps regularly to figure out the route.

And Google Maps have a significant mark, which is ideal to figure out the routes. Here is the most useful and easy tutorial on how to use Google Maps Offline.

Google Maps Offline

Obviously, Google Maps essential Wi-Fi or monthly Data allowance on your devices for its to find the route.

When you have no Wi-Fi or have run out of your monthly Data allowance at this particular time.

If you might find yourself needing to scope out a route or figure out where you are, then, what would you do?

So, don’t get me a worry, for you to avoid this type of situation, you have to do be alert by taking the below guidelines.

Note: To use Google Maps Offline the one thing you have to do is that use Google Maps Online to download the required data first.


So, here are the steps to follow to start using Google Maps Offline:

  • Open Google Maps on your devices while online.
  • Now, search for your required location/area on the search bar.
  • Once you found your required location/area that you want to download, then the simplest way to save it is that you have to go for Options Menu by tapping on three lines symbol on the top-left corner.
  • Then, tap on the Offline areas.

Google Maps - Tap Offline Maps

  • Now, tap on the plus or add symbol which is located on the down-right corner of the screen, and then it prompts a message that asks to “download this area?”. On the updated versions, it says “Select Your Own Map“.

Select Your Own Map

  • Drag the map inside the blue square box until it covers the location/area that you want a map of. Pinch to zoom in (putting two fingers on the screen and bringing them together simultaneously) to close in/move your fingers in the opposite direction to close out, do the above two things as per your wish.

Google Maps - Download Map

  • Once you satisfy with your map area, tap to Download. And it will start downloading and show how much space it will occupy.

Google Maps - Offline Maps

  • Now, your device will prompt to name the area of your map.
  • Once you have finished download the required location/area of your device, you can open it by clicking the menu icon on the top-left of the main Maps page and back to the Offline area, where you could see your downloaded area.

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Limitations of Offline Maps

There are some limitations to the use of maps Offline, mostly as regards the size of the location/area for which you want.

The box you drag around the location/area which you want has a limited size and you can’t able to download anything more than around 1.5 GB of storage space.

Downloading maps has inclined to a lot of storage to houses the in-depth information they provide to us.

So, I suggest you connect to Wi-Fi before downloading the Google Maps which you need.

According to this, the Maps which we downloaded are only stored for 30 days and after 30 days it will be deleted automatically.

Note: Don’t believe or assume that the Maps you downloaded will last forever.

I hope that you guys have found it helpful.

If you have any queries or confusion left on your mind related to this article, then comment on them in the comment box down below. I can get back those as soon as possible I can.

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