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How to Remove Password from PDF File

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Remove Password from PDF File

Portable Document Format or more popularly known as PDF, plays an integral role in storing personal and confidential data as a soft copy. PDFs also help us conveniently share documents over the internet without any nuisance. However, due to their easy accessibility, preach of private data can be a significant threat; therefore, users often put password protection on their files. But what if you want to remove this password from the PDF file? 

This becomes necessary when you want the recipient to have easy access to the file or when the original password is too sensitive to be shared; thus, in this case, removing the password altogether can prevent any unnecessary time wastage. There are several methods to remove password from a PDF file, but the most genuine ones are mentioned here that requires minimal to no hassle, but in all these cases, you must put the at least password once before removing it. Here is how you can remove PDF passwords as well using chrome, phone, or adobe acrobat. 

Remove Password From PDF File Using Google Chrome

This one may be the quickest and most straightforward technique through which one can instantly remove password from any PDF file on their desktop.

  • Start by opening a minimized Chrome window on your desktop.
  • And then, drag and drop the PDF file from your desktop screen to anywhere on the Chrome window.
  • Enter the password to open the file on the chrome tab.
  • Now, click on the Print button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • The print window will open, where you have to put Save as PDF and hit Save.
Save as PDF in destination
  • Choose the location for the PDF and save the file.

This new PDF will be the exact replica of the original, except it won’t have password protection. And now you can use this file without having to put a password to everything you open.

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro

This is more of a premium way to remove password from a PDF file; however, someone who already has a subscription to Adobe Acrobat can use this trick in the best way. Adobe Pro is a commercial program that offers excellent tools to edit PDF files, and thus it is easy to rely on if you want to remove password from a PDF file.

  • Open the protected PDF using Adobe Acrobat and enter its password.
  • Next, go to the file in the menu bar and select Properties from there.
Chose properties from the files drop down list
  • A Document Properties window will pop up on the screen, where you must select the security tab.
  • Under the document security section, choose No Security for Security Method from the drop-down list.
Select no security in security method. This setting will remove password from the PDF file.
  • Next, hit OK to confirm that you want to remove the security from the PDF file.
  • Click OK again to close the Document Properties pop-up.

This method will not result in a copy PDF saved on your device. Instead, it will remove the password from the PDF file. But there is another way to do the task using Adobe Acrobat.

  • Open the PDF file in Adobe and click the files option on the menu bar.
  • Click on the print option instead of properties on the drop-down list.
Set it as Adobe PDF in printer option and it will remove the password from the PDF file on saving.
  • Set the printer to Adobe PDF in the print window, and click print.
  • Choose the location for the new PDF and hit Save.

This trick will save a copy of the PDF without the password. Allowing you to keep the original password-protected document for when you need to share it while preventing unwanted access and retaining the unsecured version for personal use.

Use Online Tools to Remove Password From PDF File

Users who don’t have Desktop access and don’t use Google Drive on their phones can try this alternative method of editing tools online. It is just as easy and can be done in a few minutes; here is how:

  • Go to from Google Chrome on any device.
  • On the front page, there will be an option to upload the protected PDF; tap on that and select the file.
Upload the protected PDF on the site and enter its password.
  • Enter the password next, a hit submit.
Remove the password from the PDF file and download it.
  • Wait a few seconds, and the tool automatically removes the PDF file’s password.

You can download the new PDF on your phone.

Remove Password From PDF File on Your Android Device

Operating various documents on mobile is very common today; thus, figuring out a way to remove password from PDF file can greatly help users who prefer to share them directly on their mobile phones. However, for this method, it is essential that the user must operate a Google Drive account.

  • Go to the PDF saved on your device, and long press on its name. This will open a menu of options to open the PDF with, and select Google Drive here.
  • Enter the password to open the PDF.
  • Then, tap on the three-dot icon on the upper right corner of the screen and select print from the options.
Open the PDF with google drive and select the option to print it.
  • The PDF document will open up in the print window, and you need to tap on the download icon here.
Save the PDF without password.
  • Choose the location, and a copy of the document will be saved in that location in PDF form, except this one won’t be password protected.

You can share and open this newly saved PDF without entering any password.

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While password protection gives ample security to confidential files, it is still a tedious task to do repeatedly, especially if it is a frequently used file. In contrast, PDFs that are used rarely run the risk of having their password forgotten. Therefore, users often manually remove the password from the PDF file to make things easier for them.

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