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How to Search for Files and Folders in Google Drive

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Search files on Google Drive.

Google Drive is a widely appreciated innovation that has helped us all to back up our data for an extended limit. Additionally, the app has allowed us to store a more significant amount of data on our phones, which would not have been possible with the initial storage of a standard smart device. 

Consequently, many of us use this feature to no end and keep uploading various files and folders for a long time. This has created a long list of saved items from which searching a specific file at the time of requirement becomes challenging. This is why this article will deal with the most effective ways to search for files and folders in Google Drive, so you won’t have to scroll for hours. 

Search for Files and Folders In Google Drive By Name

Firstly, open Google Drive on your desktop. Next, start with the most straightforward method: using the search bar to find your file. Enter the name or part of the file’s name and hit search. A list of files or folders with the name will appear on your screen. This will narrow down your search criteria and make it easier for you to find that specific file. 

Search For Files and Folders In Google Drive By File Type

If you can’t remember the file’s name, you can still try to search by selecting the type of file you are looking for. For instance, if it is a PDF, Google Doc, Picture, Forms, Presentation, Spreadsheet, etc. Then start by selecting these folders from Google Drive and then search within. This is another quick way of narrowing down the content. 

Choose which category your file belongs to in Google Drive.

You can also type on the search box these extensions : 

For a photo: .jpg, .png, .gif

For a document: .pdf, .doc, .text 

Search In the Recent Section

If you have recently opened the file, you will be able to find it in the recent tab located in the menu on the left side of the screen. Here a list will be provided of all your recently opened files and folders stored in Google Drive. 

Search by the Shared Content

If the file has been shared between contacts, you can search the content in the shared with me tab located in the menu. However, the list provided will be arranged in the form of the most recent to oldest shared files in your Google Drive. You might have to scroll far to find the desired folder if it was shared long ago.

Interestingly, a more accessible alternative is available if you recall the contact’s email address to/from which the file was sent. You can custom search the file by opting for advanced search

Search For Files and Folders Using Advance Search

This is the perfect way to find any file or folder on Google Drive in minutes, even if you don’t remember the name and the file type or if it has been shared with someone. Besides, you will find multiple options to narrow the search content further, ultimately giving you a few matched files.

Select the advanced search to locate any file or folder on Google Drive.
  • Select the advanced search option from the drop-down list. 
  • A new pop-up will appear, wherein you will have to enter the given below details: mention any or all you remember associated with the file. 
  • File type: Pdf, Picture, Form, Doc, etc. 
  • Owner: select if you are the owner or not, and enter the owner’s email address. 
  • Item name: Enter the name of the file.
  • Includes the words: Enter the words or sentences mentioned in the file’s content you may remember. 
  • Location: Select if it is in the bin, starred, or encrypted.
  • Date modified: Select the date you last changed or edited the file. If you can’t remember the exact date, choose the customize option from the drop-down and select the two dates between the modified file. 
Customise the date range of file modification.
  • Approvals: select between awaiting my approval or requested by me. 
  • Shared with: Enter the email address of the person to whom you sent the file. 
  • Follow up: Select between Any, Suggestions Only, and Action Items Only. 
  • Once you enter the recalled details, hit search


This article has covered the various search tools using which you can find any file in Google Drive in mere minutes. Now you can save your precious moments and prevent yourself from searching endlessly in the pit of content you have saved in Google Drive. Don’t hesitate to drop down a comment if you have any queries.

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