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Listen to YouTube Videos – Play YouTube Videos in the Background

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Listen to YouTube Videos - Play YouTube Videos in the Background

You might be using YouTube a lot, just like me watching plenty of videos every single day. While listen to YouTube is easy as watching the videos. There is high cellular data usage when watching YouTube videos. So, why not listen to YouTube videos (in the background)?

Indeed, you can stop channel your battery and information utilization yet at the same time, there is the most serious issue with watching YouTube videos.

You need to leave the screen ON (stay in total agreement/video).

Yes, there is the screen-in-screen mode in which you can watch but still, t isn’t the ideal way..

YouTube does not support video background playback.

Presently, the inquiry emerges, how to just listen to YouTube without video on cell phones? Or on the other hand essentially how to play YouTube recordings behind the scenes?

All things considered, we will be going to make it simple!

Listen to YouTube Videos (Watch YouTube Videos in the Background)

You can play or listen to YouTube recordings behind the scenes on desktops or laptops in customary internet browsers. The issue emerges with Android and iOS gadgets.

There are a few Android applications and approaches to listen to YouTube and play those recordings behind the scenes.

Here, we’ll cover those ways and applications to assist with excursion this issue.

The main motivation for YouTube that doesn’t permit you to play recordings behind the scenes is promotions.

YouTube rakes in tons of cash with publicizing on recordings. The more recordings will be watched, the more will the income.

Quick Tips: YouTube Red is now launched and you can pay them $10/month for ads free videos. And which also support background playback.

With these stunts and arrangements, you can even listen to YouTube with the screen off of your Android and iOS gadgets.

Listen to YouTube using Web Browsers (Android & iOS)

This trick is totally free and you simply need an internet browser introduced on your gadget.

Thus, you need to utilize the customary internet browser (Chrome or Firefox) to watch YouTube recordings.

It is one of the awesome expense effective (free) approaches to listen to YouTube just as play YouTube videos in the background.

  • Just copy and paste the video URL or browse the same on YouTube from that browser. (iOS users can use Safari)
  • Now, play the video and simply close the screen to OFF.
  • And the video should play without any problem.
    YouTube Video Background Playback 1
    Listen to YouTube - YouTube Video Background Playback On Lock Screen

You can likewise play videos in the background utilizing Chrome too. Also, it is the most ideal approach to do it.

  • First of all, enable the desktop version (Request Desktop Site) on Chrome by tapping the three vertical dots from the upper-right corner.
  • Now, play the video you want to listen to.
  • Just put the browser to background tapping the home button.
  • It will stop the playback, so just tap on the play button and it will again begin playing.

On the updated version of Google Chrome, you can just utilize the playback by continuing the video in the background without the “Request Desktop Site” option enabled.

ouTube Video Background Playback On Google Chrome

Using Xposed Module

Now, here comes the strategy for Android designers with rooted phones.

On the off chance that your gadget is rooted, you are prepared to begin with it.

However, on the off chance that not, you can a single tick root without a PC using KingRoot and introduce a custom recovery.

NOTE: If you have no knowledge of root and custom recovery, I recommend you not to use this method.

You can install the Xposed framework and install modules to enable the playback on YouTube. As the background playback is simply an Android module that can be inherited using Xposed.

The Xposed module is quite stable and gets updates on a regular basis.

Once successfully installed, you can use your official YouTube app and once you put your phone in the background, the video still plays.

Even it can play the video with a screen OFF of your Android device. Basically, it behaves like a normal music player for Android with controls.

You can also use a modded version of the YouTube app which gives more controls and features you haven’t thought of. We will discuss those apps in this article down.

Using BSoL (Black Screen of Life)

The best application you can use with no issue of high information use and battery drain is using BSoL.

The designer of this application has accomplished radiant work and it assists you to listen to YouTube with screen OFF.

It works by controlling the vicinity sensor of your Android gadget which is situated close to the front camera.

At the point when you cover your telephone’s sensor or set it down with its face down, it turns the screen OFF.

However, the video actually playing in the background with the screen OFF.

This app is a freemium app.

The free form is promotion upheld which shows advertisements actually like the YouTube application.

However, permit watching YouTube videos behind the scenes.

What’s more, the top-notch variant gives the believability to control those controls with no promotions.

Along these lines, it’s your decision which one to use.

Now, here comes the rundown of applications that can be used to play YouTube videos in the background on Android.

Listen to YouTube Videos using NewPipe (Open Source)

NewPipe is an open-source application that permits any application to use in the background.

It isn’t accessible on Google Play Store as they consider it abuses their terms and conditions.

As it is open-source, you can download it from their authority site. It is uninhibitedly accessible on f-droid, a repository of open-source Android applications.

YouTube Video Background Playback using NewPipe App

Not only background playback, but it also works just like the official YouTube app. You can also download YouTube videos or just the audio of the video.

ouTube Video Background Playback using NewPipe App (Download)

Floating Tube

Another incredible application that allows you to listen to YouTube allowing the video to play behind the scenes. It essentially makes a skimming little window on which you can watch the YouTube video.

It works very much like the screen-in-screen feature of YouTube however you can utilize it anyplace on your Android phone.

Floating Tube does not directly open the video but opens it in a new pop-up window. And when you switch off the screen, the audio still plays.

There is another similar app Awesome Pop-up Video Pro which does the same but somewhile differs in features.

Other Apps with more Features

Well, discussing all apps which do the same job is simply pathetic.

So, let me tell you how to use all these apps at once and then the list of all the apps which allow you to listen to YouTube and watch YouTube videos in the background.

  • Download the APK file from mirror sources or with the links provided.
  • Install the app.
  • Start using their amazing features without any ads.

And here goes all the apps:

NOTE: Make sure to enable “Trust unknown sources” from setting > security so that you can install these apps on your Android device.


Using these ways you can simply and amazingly watch YouTube videos in the background on Android without any restrictions.

One might not want to watch videos but only listen to YouTube videos (maybe Podcasts).

These apps and ways will help you out and all these are free methods (except YouTube Red).

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