How to Disable Auto Download Media on Telegram

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How to Disable Auto Download Media on Telegram

Disable Auto-Download Media: Telegram is arguably the most popular social media platform for mass group communication. Unlike other apps like WhatsApp and Messenger, the telegram app enables groups containing thousands of users at a time.

The App serves end-to-end encryption texting, making it a highly trusted app among users. However, there is one flaw experienced by many users: its auto-download media function.

Auto download infers to any videos, pictures, gifs, etc., that are sent to you and gets automatically downloaded into your phone’s storage. This may not seem like a massive defect at first because a similar operation is seen in WhatsApp.

However, because telegram is such a big platform, its groups’ flow of media transfer is generally in abundance. However, the constant flow of incoming media messages occupies tons of space, drains the battery, exhausts mobile data. At certain times it may cause heating issues. Luckily, you have the option to disable auto-download media through which you can prevent your phone from getting full of unnecessary content. 


Once you disable auto-download media function in telegram, you will have to manually download any content you may receive in the future. At the same time, you can simultaneously skip the content you don’t need. However, regardless of the setting, content like voice messages will still get downloaded because they are small in size.  


Disable Auto-Download Media on Telegram on Android

If you use the official telegram app on an iPhone or Android device and prefer to disable auto-download media feature of the telegram on it, follow the below procedure. 

  • Open Telegram app.
  • First, ensure that you are logged into the account where you need auto-download disabled. 
  • On the upper left corner of your screen, select the three hamburger icons to open the menu.
  • Next, select the Settings option. If you use an iOS device, you will find the settings option at the bottom right corner
telegram data and storage option
  • In Settings, select the Data and Storage option. Here you can manage most default settings of the telegram app, such as changing the storage location to cloud or SD, data for calls, data usage, and much more. 
telegram automatic media download
  • Here, you will also find an automatic media download option. Under which, there will be options to automatically download media when using mobile data, WiFi, or roaming.

You can toggle off all three options. This will disable auto-download media on telegram, whether you are using wifi or data. It will take minimum effort and the perfect option to save phone storage and data from exhausting too fast.

Disable Auto-Download Media Telegram on PC

Many people who use telegrams for business or educational purposes tend to use the platform on their PC. This gives them extra storage and provides a great way to work and chat with family and friends simultaneously on a single platform. Especially if they don’t own a mobile. So if you are one such PC user who wants to learn how to disable auto-download media on the PC version of the telegram, follow the steps mentioned below. 

  • Open the Telegram desktop app on your computer. 
  • Then click on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner to open the menu. 
  • Click on the Settings.
telegram settings page
  • You will be transferred to a menu window. Select the Advanced option in it. 
advanced settings telegram
  • Here you will find the Automatic Media Download option, where you can manage the content from private chats, channels, and groups, and change their storage location or disable auto-download media in each of them separately or together. 
  • Next, you can turn off the photos and files option. (you can select the limit size of the media as well from 1MB to 200MB).
  • Save the changes on the bottom of the screen.

Viola! You are done. You will no longer be enduring excess file sharing on your device. After you disable the auto-download media option, you will notice that the telegram app will run faster and smoother. Viewing content will become quicker because of less data expenditure on the App. Your data and battery will last longer, and best of all, you will receive less telegram cache. 

There are so many benefits given when you disable auto-download media in telegram. But if you decide that auto-downloading is easier for you than manually downloading in the future. You can revert the process by going to

Menu> Settings> Data and Storage> Toggle On the automatic-media download through wifi and data.

Telegram also offers various alternatives such as:

Self-destructive media: This feature is primarily used to self-destruct any private messages along with groups, personal channels, and auto-download media. But if you prefer to keep the content, just not on your phone, the feature is not for you. 

Personal Cloud Storage: You can transfer the content in an online cloud, which will give you access yet not occupy your space. But you will only be able to access the content online. 

Store it to SD card: Change the storage location to SD card. It will spare your internal storage. Auto-downloaded media directly save to your memory card, which you can access offline.

You can choose whichever option suits you accordingly and save the changes through the data and storage. Hopefully, this post provided you with all the details you needed on how to disable the auto-download media function of the telegram so that you can better your telegram experience with no defect. 

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