Free Up Storage on any Android using Google Photos

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Free Up Storage on any Android using Google Photos

Free Up Storage: Modern smartphones these days feature amazing cameras which makes it hard to resist taking photos.

We use the phone camera for selfies, taking photos in HD, and record videos in ultra resolutions.

While all this sounds fun but with the passage of time these photos and videos start consuming large storage space on phones and tablets; thus, slowly eating away precious little space on phones.

And this problem could really exacerbate on devices that come with limited built-in storage.

However, there is an easy fix for this headache many Android users constantly complain about.

In this guide, we are going to show you in a step-by-step solution below that how you can free up storage space on Android devices with one tap.

Yes, all it takes is a single tap and that’s been made possible by a really useful feature in the Google Photos app.

NOTE: From June 1st 2021, Google Photos offers only 15GB of storage space.

Free Up Storage on Any Android Phone

With every new smartphone generation, the camera quality is getting even better so much so that some Android phones such as Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8.

And others are now capable of taking DSLR quality images and video recordings. There is one drawback associated with high-quality images that they eat up storage space rather quickly, especially when storage space on many smartphones already struggles to keep up with the ever-increasing multimedia and app usage.

That’s why many Android phones offer an added option to enhance storage via an external microSD card.

But if you are using a device without an SD card option, or don’t like using added storage, or even an external SD card fails to meet data storage requirements on your phone, then they’re a simple solution to all your problems and that involves an extremely handy Google Photos app for Android.

Surprisingly, many Android users don’t know that the Google Photos app has a feature that lets you free up the significant amount of lost storage space on your phone or tablet with a single tap. Many Android users are familiar with the fact that Google Photos can be synced with your device for an automatic backup of photos and videos, which ultimately renders keeping the same media files on the phone’s storage useless.

You can save a large chunk of your phone’s storage space if you have got Google Photos synced on your Android device to backup photos and videos from the phone gallery. This features automatically deletes those photos and videos from your phone’s gallery that are already backed up.

There is no need to manually select and remove backed-up images and videos to recover space. All you need is a single tap on Google Photos over a stable internet connection and you will be able to recover a large amount to storage. And you won’t come with an insufficient storage error on Android.

Steps to Free Up Space in Google Photos

You can use the steps below to free up storage on Android tablets as well. Also, note that the method below works to remove only those photos that are saved in the ‘Camera’ section of the gallery. Your WhatsApp or other media folders will remain intact.

  1. Grab your Android phone or tablet and open the Google Photos app.
  2. Sign-in to Google Photos using Google Account details. Leave it if already logged in.
  3. Now, tap Menu > Free up space option.
    Free up Storage Space on any Android Device using Google Photos - Click Free up Space
  4. It will start the scanning process to locate all photos and videos that have already been backed up from the gallery.
  5. In the end, you will see a prompt showing the number of items available for removal from your device. To delete all extra items from your device, tap on the Free up button on the message box.
    Free up Storage Space on any Android Device using Google Photos - Total items to remove
  6. This will start this process of removing already backed-up photos and videos from your device.
  7. Once done, you can go back to the ‘Gallery’ section where you will no longer see removed photos and videos. These are already backed up in Google Photos so you can easily access them when you need them in the future by logging in to Google Photos with your Google account.

That’s all.


You will now get more and free up storage for downloading new apps or files onto your Android mobile or tablet.

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