Best Free Movie Download Apps for Android

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Best free movie download apps

Even the most popular streaming service platforms today, like Hulu, Netflix, Prime, and Disney +, doesn’t have enough charm to convince audience members to buy their subscription since they only trend when a popular show drops a new season. But in reality we would all love to have options for free movie download apps on Android so we don’t get stuck with unlimited streaming apps subscriptions for months to come. 

Thus, on that note, we are here to give you a list of the best free movie download apps for Android that will let you stream any movie or TV show you want free of charge. 

Best Free Movie Download Apps for Android

We have cultivated the most used free movie download apps in this list. Remember that if you have trouble opening any site or get a message like “not available in your region” while downloading these Apps, you can use a VPN to change your location. That will most likely solve the issue.


Many people consider YouTube a subsidiary streaming platform that also provides movies to rent or download at a specific cost. However, that is not always the case. There are tons of options available on YouTube that can be downloaded for free while giving its users a great streaming experience (without any pop-up ads and degraded video quality). 

Download free movies on YouTube

This is an excellent option since most of us have YouTube pre-installed on our Android devices. Furthermore, individuals who love to browse old flicks will be in luck since the majority of free content is compiled from them. One can always find the latest movies on this platform; however, they will be charged individually. 


Do you often spend hours on Netflix and other streaming platforms looking for that film that no platform ever seems to get licensed? If so, Tubi is one of the best free movie download apps for Android for you, using which you can find all those movies that are seldom available on streaming platforms.

The app has specifically dedicated a category of content that is Not on Netflix, so users know where to look for a movie they never find online. Furthermore, many films and TV shows can be streamed in HD, enhancing the viewing experience.

In addition to adding new titles every week, the app is user-friendly and enables bookmarking. It supports Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV stick. This helps you to stream these movies on a bigger screen.

Megabox HD

Megabox HD is another excellent recommendation for a free movie download apps with a wide range of movies and TV shows you can stream or download. 

Download Megabox HD

Although it is unavailable on the Google Play Store, one can still download it manually from Chrome and install it. 

The app is also available for Windows and MacOS. Hence, it is also helpful for individuals who don’t like to watch movies on their phones but enjoy watching them on a bigger screen. However, the one con of it that may persist for some users is its outdated interface, with no personalised recommendations.  


Coming to the most popular app on our list, Crackle is a name almost everyone has heard. Reasonably, it is one of the best alternative free movie download apps in the market that lets you sit back and enjoy all the standard perks of streaming free of cost. 

Find endless collection of movies on Crackle.

The app is user-friendly, frequently updated with new titles, has a simple search system, and, most importantly, compiles a great collection of TV shows and movies. Although there are some ads every now and then, they won’t bug you that much. 

You will need to log in and answer a few questions about your preference so the app can give you a list of personalized watch suggestions. Furthermore, the app has brilliant streaming and downloading speed, which is great for those impatient binge-watchers. 


This is the next most popular name on our free movie download apps list. Popcornflix has a wide range of content on its platform, ranging from horror to comedy, with over 700 movies to watch. The catalogue is so huge that one can watch two films every day and still have a ton of options left.

In addition to this, Popcornflix regularly adds new movies to download, all in high-definition quality and with subtitles. The categories are well organised into Family/Kids, Comedy, Romance, Horror, Bollywood, Documentaries etc., helping users pick their watch conveniently. 

Since the app is entirely legal, there will be no restrictions while watching. The only issue one can find here is their comparatively small collection of TV shows. 


Another one of the phenomenal free movie download apps on our list is Vudu. The app is mainly famous for streaming and downloading videos in 4K quality and offering a wide range of TV series and movies to binge at the same time. So if you don’t feel like watching the film online at the spot, you can download it to watch it later on any Android device.

Vudu: one of the best free movie download apps.

The only drawback which annoys a few users is the unnecessary ad inclusion in the midst of videos, which can sometimes take you out of the zone. In addition, if you are to download the video instead of stream it, you will have to sit through a string of ads.

However, if you are an avid admirer of Dolby Vision HDR sound quality, sitting through those ads may be worth bringing your favourite titles in such high quality.


Vidmate is identified as integration with other services like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, which lets you download and stream the latest as well as the cult classic titles. However, one must know essential details about this app; first, it isn’t available on Play Store, so you’ll have to download it as an APK file from the website. And second, the selected titles on this app are location biased, so you are bound to see titles from your region on the recommendation page. 

As we mentioned, Vidmate is an integration of other platform services. Thus, you can watch and download the content from other apps, like Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and DailyMotion. 


If any of the Apps mentioned above stop working for you, this will surely come to the rescue. Since TorrDoid is widely established to be the most useful app to download movies for free. Moreover, that is precisely what it will do, meaning you will not be able to stream the film in any way before downloading.

TorrDoid: best free movie download apps on Android.

Just go to the app, search your title (make sure to type it in correctly, as the app doesn’t entertain any typos), and select the torrent type, audio/video, etc. Next, swipe to the right and review the options it has collected for you.

You may get various links for the same title, with different sizes given in MB/GB and Video Quality; thus, choose as you like. Then, select the download icon on the link and swipe left. Your downloading process will be shown. Although, if you dread finding the perfect link, just choose the “download if available” option while searching, and the app will automatically download the most reliable file for you.

Due to its simple interface, many options, and fast speed downloading process TorrDroid is considered one of the best free movie download apps. You just have to click a few buttons, and voila, your movie will begin to download.

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In today’s time, there is absolutely no shortage of apps and websites that lets you watch movies for free. The difficult task is to find the one that works best for you. Narrow your choices based on whether you prefer video quality, no ads, availability of specific titles, download speed, or sleek interface with personalized recommendations.

It is evident that all of these apps will not have every feature due to being free. Therefore, knowing what you’re looking for will give you a head start in the streaming process from next time forward. Now you can easily use the best free movie download apps and stream away anytime.

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