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How to Easily Access Netflix Secret Categories to Watch More

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How to access Netflix secret categories

Everyone nowadays has a Netflix account, as it seems. This makes sense, considering how much the streaming service impacted our generation’s entertainment. However, whenever we prepare to watch a show or movie on Netflix, we end up scrolling for hours only to find something we’d like to watch. Luckily, Netflix secret categories is a godsend feature for just people like us.

What are the Netflix Secret Categories? 

As we know, Netflix keeps the data for all the movies and TV shows we like to watch on our accounts. Using this information, its interface provides us with “Categories” suggestions based on our user profile. This is generally done using a complex algorithm that accurately predicts our interests and what we want to watch next based on our history. 

Although, even these recommendations often don’t seem enough for the users. Hence, we have to continue our search manually through the endless pit of content that Netflix has to offer. Fortunately, there is a compilation of some secret Netflix codes that further dismantle these categories into ultra-specific ones. 

The ultra-specific categories are the Netflix secret categories that are way more customized to a user’s preference. Making it easier for them to narrow down their search for content based on their ultra-specific interest. 

These Netflix secret categories are unknown to the average account holder and usually exist only to customize the suggestion’s algorithm. However, through the means of correct Netflix secret codes, one can easily find their desired content by searching in these hidden categories. 

Find Netflix Secret Codes

According to various sources, there are approximately 20,000 categories on the website. All of which have collected titles based on some precise details of the genre. 

Each of these Netflix secret categories is assigned a secret code; using these in a URL will lead you to your category of interest. 

Here are some examples: 

  • Anime comedies: 9302
  • Classic dramas: 29809
  • Middle Eastern movies: 5875
  • Faith & spirituality movies: 52804
  • European Christmas children & family films: 1527063
  • Jazz & easy listening: 10271

These are just a few examples from the thousands of Netflix secret categories available online with corresponding codes. To find others, here is a list to check out.

How to Use These Codes to Access Netflix’s Secret Categories

Searching for the Netflix secret categories is not a challenging task. Only enter the specific URL Here, in place of the Code Number, add the secret code corresponding to the hidden category you want to explore. 

For instance, suppose you’d like to search in the Christmas children and family films category with a secret code of 1474017

To have a list of titles related to this genre, you would have to enter the URL in the browser’s address bar:

And in the next page, you will see all the collections of movies and TV shows that Netflix categorizes as Christmas children and family films. You can also open the category on your Netflix app by clicking on the link. 

Note: The codes are not permanently assigned and can change anytime. Hence, you can google the latest secret codes according to the Netflix secret categories. 

Also, it is important to remember that Netflix’s content library varies from region to region due to the service having licensing issues in different countries. So, even by using secret codes, you won’t be able to access all the content the Netflix around the world has to offer. However, you will be able to reach the entire range available in your country through its place of sub-category. 


Tweaking the Netflix URL with the secret codes is the easiest way to access the super-specific collection of genres on Netflix. Hopefully, using this trick, you will find the most underrated masterpieces on the platform that successfully checks every box in your list. 

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