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How to Scan QR Code in iPhone

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How to scan QR codes on iPhone easily

QR codes are quickly becoming a popular way to share information. Nowadays, wherever you go, you find QR codes. QR codes are used in hotel menus, payment applications and many other places. They are a two-dimensional barcode that can be scanned with any smartphone or device with a camera. Wondering how to scan QR code in iPhone? Well, we are here to help!

In order to scan a QR code on your iPhone, you can either use the in-built QR scanner or install third-party apps. With the right app, you can easily scan QR codes on your iPhone and get access to whatever information the code contains. In this article, we will discuss what QR codes are and how you can scan them on an iPhone.

How to Use the Built-in Camera App in iOS 11 or Later for Scanning QR Codes

With the introduction of iOS 11, Apple users can now scan QR codes quickly and easily using the built-in camera app. This feature has made it easier for people to access information or services from websites or apps without typing in a web address or searching for a specific app. This makes it convenient for iOS users to scan QR codes on their iPhones. Follow along this step by step guide to learn how to scan QR code in iPhone.

Before you can start scanning QR codes using the camera app on your iPhone, you need to enable it in the settings. Here is how you can enable QR code scanning on your iPhone. If you are using iOS 12 and above, you can skip this step.

  • Open the Settings on your iPhone.
  • Find the “Camera” option in the Settings and open it.
  • From the options, toggle on the “Scan QR Codes” setting to enable QR code scanning on your iPhone.
How to scan QR code using the camera app
  • Open the Camera app on your iPhone.
  • Next, just hold your phone such that the QR code is centered in your iPhone’s camera screen.
How to scan qr codes in iPhone using google lens
  • Hold the phone still for a while and you should see a notification pop.
  • Now you need to click on the notification and you will be redirected to the link associated with the QR code.

Ta-da, you have successfully scanned the QR code using the in-built QR code scanner on your iPhone!

Use the In-Built QR Code Reader Located in the Controls Tab

Another quick way to scan a QR code is by using the QR code reader located in the control tab on your iPhone. To make use of the QR reader, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone to get the control panel (Do note that the method to access the control panel could vary from iPhone to iPhone depending on the iOS version).

Here you should be able to find the QR scanner amidst many other different settings. In case, the QR scanner does not exist, you need to add the shortcut from settings. Here is how you can do it.

  • Open Settings app and head to “Control Center“.
  • From the menu, find “Code Scanner” and click on the “+” icon right next to it. Doing so will add the “Code Scanner” to your controls tab.
Add code scanner to the control tab

Once you have included the QR reader, you are ready to use it. Next follow these steps to use the QR scanned on your iPhone.

  • Slide from the top to open the control center and then click on the “QR Reader” icon.
How to scan QR code in iPhone from settings tab
  • Once done, the camera will be launched and a square shaped box would appear on the screen.
  • While scanning the QR code, ensure that the QR code fits exactly inside the square box.
  • Now click on the “torch” icon. If the QR code is read successfully, the associated link will launch on your Safari browser,

How to Scan QR Code in iPhone Using the Wallet App

Besides the above mentioned methods, you can also use the wallet app on your iPhone in order to scan QR codes. To scan QR codes using the wallet app, follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open the “Wallet” app.
  • Once the app has launched, click on the “Get” button.
Wallet app on iPhone
  • Here, select “Scan Code“.
How to Scan QR codes in iPhone using wallet app
  • The camera app will be opened on your iPhone.
  • Scan the QR code by placing your iPhone in front of the QR such that the QR code is situated at the center of the screen.
  • Once done the information or the website linked to the QR code will open in Safari.

How to Scan QR Code in iPhone Using Google Lens

Google Lens is a pretty handy feature by Google. It allows you to not only scan QR codes but also search Google by image. The feature was quite a revelation when it was launched. Here is how you can use Google Lens to scan QR codes on your iPhone.

  • Ensure that the Google app is installed on your iPhone. If not, install it from App Store.
  • Launch the Google app.
  • The Google search engine should open up. In the Google search bar, find the camera icon located in the rightmost end of the search bar. Click on the camera icon.
Using google lens
  • Google lens should now open. Tap on the lens screen, click on the “Camera” icon.
Google lens to scan QR codes on iPhone
  • Once done, the camera should start and square brackets will appear on your screen. These square brackets indicate the frame. Ensure that your QR code fits exactly inside the frame.
  • A notification would pop up specifying the link the QR redirects you to.
  • Click on the link to navigate to the website the QR is linked to. On doing so, the website will open up on the Google app

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Today we have seen few of the easiest methods to scan a QR code on your iPhone. All the methods we discussed today use in-built features and do not require you to install third party applications. We hope that you have learnt how to scan QR code in iPhone through our simple tutorial! Until next time.

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