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Unblock YouTube – How to Watch Restricted YouTube Videos

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Unblock YouTube - How to Watch Restricted YouTube Videos

Unblock YouTube: YouTube no needs any presentation as I said commonly in my past articles. With a huge number of recordings and a trillion of perspectives every day, YouTube turns into the best web-based real-time feature by Google.

However, YouTube additionally has a dark side (not YouTube dark mode). That is to say, there are numerous recordings that are restricted to users. t very well might be because of grown-up content, country limitation (This Video is not available in your country), or some other reasons.

So, how do you unblock YouTube?  How to watch restricted YouTube Videos?

There are many ways to download YouTube videos, also you can convert YouTube to MP3 and using YouTube Downloader as free YouTube Converter.

In the same way, do we have any ways to unblock YouTube videos or Watch Restricted YouTube videos?

Indeed, there are, truth be told, there is a number of ways to unblock YouTube.

Let’s see those ways to watch restricted YouTube videos.

How to Unblock YouTube?

At the point when you attempt to watch YouTube recordings, here and there it shows you are hindered (confined) to watch it.


For what reason wouldn’t you be able to watch it? As every other person can, so why not you?

Now, there may be some possibilities:

  • Either the individual who has transferred the video has put limitations on that video as it contains grown-up content.
  • Or on the other hand, your Country is limited to that YouTube video.
  • Or on the other hand, YouTube limits it so you can’t watch the video.

In this sort of circumstance, here are some ensured approaches to watch limited videos.

YouTube Unblocker

With regards to the straightforward and speedy approach to unblock YouTube video is utilizing this YouTube Unblocker site. The least complex way, simply to reorder the video URL on this site.

It consequently unblocks the video and you can watch the video without any problem.

  • First of all, go to this website from here.
  • Now, scroll down and find the search box and paste the YouTube video URL.

Watch Restricted YouTube Videos using YouTube Unblocker

  • Once you have pasted the URL, click the Go button.

As soon you hit the Go catch, YouTube Unblocker loads the YouTube video with some other Country worker.

It gets the lone worker which isn’t hindered or limited to that YouTube video.

Furthermore, in the event that it doesn’t load, it implies the video is hindered on that worker moreover.

How to Turn Any YouTube Video Into an Animated GIF

ProxFree: Proxy Unblock YouTube

Presently, in the event that you need more customizations for your YouTube video to stack, use ProxFree.

It allows you to add filters like Server Location and IP Address locations, etc. With other filters like cookies, removing page titles, and scripts.

ProxFree is more valuable than Unblock (YouTube Unblocker) as it gives more alternatives. It gives much more supportive highlights to watch limited YouTube recordings.

Using it is very easy.

  • Go to the ProxFree site from here.
  • Now, put the video URL in the search box provided with a written YouTube URL.
  • You can choose any server location and IP address, but leaving it to default will do the job.

Unblock YouTube - Watch Restricted YouTube Videos using ProxFree YouTube Proxy

  • Click the PROXFREE button to watch the video.

In the event that the video is open, it will stack the YouTub video according to applied filters (if applied any).

Furthermore, you can watch that video with no limitation.

Here additionally, on the off chance that it doesn’t work, take a stab at changing Server Location and IP Address Location and search once more.

Or then again utilize alternate ways beneath.

ProxFree is a YouTube Proxy that is useful for YouTube videos to access. You can also use other proxies if none of the methods work for you. Check this free proxy list.

And here are other free unblock youtube proxy sites you can use.

TubeUnblock: Free YouTube Proxy

On the off chance that the above YouTube intermediary doesn’t work for you, utilize the TubeUnblock proxy which should work for you.

It works by stacking the mirror interface for any YouTube video you need to watch.

It will play the video reflecting the YouTube resembles website page with its own mirror.

There are three different ways to utilize the TubeUnblock:

  • First, you can use the website and search for the video using the URL from here.

Using TubeUnblock YouTube Proxy

  • Second, you can use a Web browser extension (add-on) to use TubeUnblock proxy.

Using Browser Extension

  • Lastly, simply change the YouTube video URL from ”” to “” and everything all things considered.

Using TubeUnblock YouTube Proxy with URL editing

Utilize any of the three above ways and it will divert you to the TubeUnblock site. In the event that the video is limited, it will unblock that video (if conceivable).

Using a VPN

VPN represents Virtual Private Network.

It goes about as a passage among you and the Internet. All the above strategies deal with one or the other proxy or mirrors, you can likewise use VPNs.

Proxy and VPN are by one way or another exactly the same things yet contrasts in their (working).

They divert the traffic from where any remaining clients are getting to a specific website page (YouTube video).

Furthermore, it likewise diverts you to a similar country as YouTube imagines that you are seeing it from that Country as it were.

There are many free VPN apps for Android you can use on your Android or iOS devices.

If you are willing to pay a little money for VPNs, you can use PureVPN (a 7 day trial only for $0.99).

It will clearly unblock YouTube recordings and you can watch confined YouTube recordings.

I guess now we have answered all your questions like how do I unblock youtube?

So finally, you have your YouTube Unblocked.

If you learned something from today’s article, make sure to share it with your friends!

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