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How to Find “What is my IP Address?”

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How to Find What is my IP Address

At whatever point you are surfing the Internet or not yet associated with the Internet, your IP Address is your area.

You might be utilizing an ISP(Internet Service Provider) to the interface, you should realize your IP Address.

All things considered, discovering IP addresses is definitely not a troublesome errand yet to conceal it could be testing.

The manner in which you are associated with the Internet may fluctuate your IP addresses.

Your interior and outer IP might be extraordinary. Yet, we are discussing your public IP. The IP of your PC(computer), or some other gadget you are utilizing.

Along these lines, today, In this instructional exercise, I am going to show you some fast approaches to discover your IP address.

What is my IP Address?

There are numerous ways you can discover your PC’s IP or some other gadget.

As I previously said, in the event that you are utilizing a modem to associate with the Internet, it will give you an alternate IP every time you interface.

What’s more, in the event that you are utilizing Broadband or Wi-Fi, it might give you a static IP address.

Along these lines, how about we perceive how to discover my IP.

Simply follow the means as indicated by the various techniques that appeared underneath.

Using Search Engines

The best and quickest approach to discover IP addresses is utilizing a web index.

It could be Google, Bing, or Yahoo you can utilize.

Here, I am showing you on Google.

It is outstanding amongst other Google search tricks to get your IP.

  • First of all, go to Google.
  • Now, search for the keyword “My IP Address“.

What is my IP Address - Using Google Search

  • The Google instant search results will show you your public IP address.

What is my IP Address - Your Public IP Address

Quick Tips: The IP address may be dynamic which can vary time to time as assigned by your ISP.

Using Online Website

You can likewise discover your IP address utilizing an online site that offers this element.

This sort of site gives IP addresses as well as ping and other systems administration-free administrations.

Also, one such site you can use to discover your IP.

  • Go to the “What Is My IP Address” website from here.
  • When you are here, it will consequently show you your IP, ISP, City, Region, and Country, and so forth.

Using Online IP Address websites

Using CMD on Windows

With regards to systems administration or association, Windows is awesome its straightforward interface to discover or handle any errand.

You might be on any Windows (7,8,8.1,10), it will permit all usefulness aside from the form capacities.

You can likewise check your IP utilizing CMD.

  • Open CMD(Command Prompt) from the Start menu.

Quick Tips: You can also press Win+R to open the run box and type cmd to open it.

Open CMD

  • Here, type “ipconfig” and press enter.

Type ipconfig and press enter

  • It will show you every one of the dynamic associations on Windows. In the event that you are using Wi-Fi, search for the Wireless LAN choice and discover your IP. Or then again, if some other association, search for different choices.

Using CMD on Windows

Using Windows Private IP on Active Connection

In the event that you are not entirely certain and need true to life with your IP address, you can discover IP utilizing Windows private IP with which you are associated.

  • Right-click on the network icon from the lower-right corner of the Windows and open “Open Network and Sharing Center“.

What is my IP Address - Open Open Network & Sharing Center

  • Open the connection with which you are connected and click on “Details“.

Open Details of Network Connection

  • Here, you’ll find the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and these are your Windows private IP addresses.

Find Windows Private IP

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Finding IP Address Using Your Router

Last yet not least, you can discover IP addresses utilizing your public IP switch setups.

For this, you need to log in to your switch settings. Practically everything switches can be gotten to where you can change settings like Network ID(name) and secret phrase of your Wi-Fi.

  • Open your router settings.

Quick Tips: The most common way is to access using router public IP. Here are the common IPs for routers.

  • Login to your router settings.
  • Find the “Status” tab and find your IP assigned by your ISP.

What is my IP Address - Find IP using Router settings

Quick Tips: If you are using a new router, go to “Advanced” tab and from the left side, click on the “Status” option.

I hope now you can find your IP address without any problem quickly. You can you any of the methods to check your IP.

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